How to choose the right title for your book

Great titles make the difference between a book or a sales message that’s a complete failure, and one that’s successful beyond your wildest dreams.

Now you can get the quick, concise help you need for choosing the right title for your book!

#Book Title Tweet offers you 140 bite-sized ideas, secrets, and tips for choosing compelling titles that sell for articles, books, and events like presentations, speeches, and teleseminars.

If you are an author, an entrepreneur, or an information marketer, you will find that this gem of a book sparks your creativity and provides new directions for effective writing.

It’s the first book dedicated to identifying and analyzing the key characteristics authors and subject area experts need for converting their expertise into successful nonfiction book titles.

And for less than $20, you’ll get the valuable help you need to choose the right titles for your books, marketing materials, and for building your personal brand.

Profit from the power of titles

Here’s an example of sales-generating and life-transforming power of a single, well-chosen title:

Book titles build personal brands and sell lots of books, as marketing experts like Jay Conrad (Guerrilla Marketing) Levinson prove; starting in 1984, Jay has written and co-authored over 100 Guerrilla Marketing books. Jay’s books have sold over 14 million copies around the world, opening doors of consulting, coaching, and speaking opportunity for Jay that continue today!

Introducing the first book about nonfiction book titles

#Book Title Tweet is the first book for authors, entrepreneurs, and subject area experts that describes the key issues, and specific steps, involved in creating compelling titles for nonfiction publishing success.

As 40-year publishing veteran Michael Larson, northern California’s author of the best-selling How to Write a Book Proposal and How to Get a Literary Agent, wrote in the Introduction to #BookTitleTweet:

The right title can sell a book. Browsers in bookstores look at books for seconds, and the title will help determine if they pick up the book to take a look at it, which is said to be half the battle.

Michael Larsen continues: The excellent, easy-to-read information Roger provides will help writers come up with the titles they need to excite agents, editors, booksellers, the media, and book buyers.

Michael Larsen’s enthusiasm for #BookTitleTweet has been shared and endorsed by dozens of other leading authors, book coaches, and publishing experts.

book-titeltweet-pagefour5Profound & concise title ideas

When I wrote #BookTitleTweet, my goal was to communicate as much helpful and practical information as concisely as possible.

Not only did I want my book about choosing book titles to offer quick advice, I also wanted it to be affordable to as many authors, and would-be authors, as possible.

#BookTitleTweet contains 140 ideas, examples, strategies, and tips for choosing compelling book titles. Each idea is expressed in 140 characters, or less.

Lorie Marrero, author of The Clutter Diet, and creator of, wrote:

Roger Parker does it again, with brilliant ideas to make your titles stand out from the crowd. Yet another way Roger helps people get their messages out to the world. Easy to read and full of sharp observations and strategies!

What you’ll learn about choosing the right book title…

Here are some ways #BookTitleTweet can help you save time when selecting the right title for your articles, books, and events:

  • Characteristics of compelling book titles: you’ll never titles for granted after looking at the key characteristics, and examples, of magnetically attractive titles.
  • 5 steps to title success: learn how to save time by setting up a system, or process, for choosing the right titles.
  • Combining title techniques: find out how to combine several characteristics of compelling book titles into a single title.
  • Title testing tips: eliminate uncertainty by finding out how to test prospective titles and subtitles before its too late (and the book has been printed).
  • Learn how to leverage your titles: the publication of your first book may be just the first step in a series of books, products, and income opportunities.
  • Recommended resources: find out where to learn more about choosing the right titles and making the most of title searches online.

Stephanie Chandler, entrepreneur, book coach, publisher, and author of LEAP! 101 Ways to Grow Your Business, commented:

The challenge of finding the right title is solved by this book; a treasure chest full of powerful solutions for the title-challenged.

Paul Gillen, author of The New Influencers and Secrets of Social Media Marketing, wrote:

I found the examples useful and the ideas inspired. With the growth in self-publishing, I expect we’ll begin to see a lot of books that adopt the tactics and formulas that you propose here.

David Meerman Scott, author of The New Rules of Marketing & PR (now published in 14 languages) and Marketing Lessons from the Grateful Dead has this to say about #BookTitleTweet:

If you can’t title it in 140 characters, or less, go back to the drawing board. Roger is onto something here!

Usually, titles are an afterthought. But, in reality, titles are critical. Roger should know, because he’s written dozens of successful books.

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