Content Chemistry’s Strategy For Book Marketing Success

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Learn how Andy Crestodina and Orbit Media positioned Content Chemistry, an illustrated handbook, apart from other content marketing booksIf you’re looking for ways to position your book in a crowded field, listen as Andy Crestodina shares his strategy for setting Content Chemistry apart from other content marketing books.

In our recorded interview, which for a limited time is available for streaming or downloading for later listening, Andy offers a candid description of the planning, writing, design, and marketing decisions which set Content Chemistry apart from the thousands of other marketing books listed on Amazon.

In a matter-of-fact tone of voice, Andy Crestodina discusses Content Chemistry’s background, lessons learned during 12 years as co-founder and strategy director at Orbit Media, his goals for the book, and the decisions and steps needed to bring it to life.

Once again, you’ll learn how writing and publishing success is a team sport, utilizing contributions from numerous individuals.

Listen as Andy Crestodina describes how he positioned Content Chemistry apart from other marketing books

  • Click the above graphic to begin listening to my recorded interview with Orbit Media’s Andy Crestodina, as he describes the Content Chemistry’s journey to publication success.
  • Download a transcript of the recording. Read this lightly-edited transcript while traveling, or use it to take notes while listening to the recording.

In addition, to gain a better understanding of Content Chemistry, download a mind map of Content Chemistry. If you’re a Mind Manager user, you can use it to take notes while reading Andy’s book. You can also download Mindjet MindManager mind maps of other marketing, creativity, presentation, and writing books to study or use to take notes while reading the books.

Share your impressions and takeaways from the call as comments, below!

How to Become a Content Marketing Supercommunicator

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Let Frank Pietrucha show you how to become a content marketing Supercommunicator, able to explain the complicated so anyone can understand.

If you’re a content marketer, you may have experienced the difficulties involved translating today’s complex technology into language non-technical audiences can understand.

If so, you’re not alone. As Frank Pietrucha writes:

Communicating technical content to nontechnical listeners has fast become a critical 21st-century skill.

Supercommunicator offers content marketers an efficient way to enhance their existing communicating skills, opening the door to new opportunities that can add a new dimension to their careers.

What are Supercommunicators?

Supercommunicator describes, in the author’s words, “a new breed of forward-thinking professional who can apply classic content development skills to a mindset befitting the quickly evolving millennium.

What’s involved?

Becoming a Supercommunicator involves changes in perspective as well as mastering new tools and techniques. The journey is described as a series of steps organized in 9 key areas:

  1. Recognizing how digital technology is changing communication.
  2. Knowing your audience and improving your ability to address multiple audiences.
  3. Knowing your subject especially if you consider yourself a subject expert.
  4. Learning how to simplify, but not over-simply, your topic.
  5. Reviewing the guidelines for effective communication.
  6. Humanizing your communications with stories, testimonials, and examples.
  7. Engaging your audience so they care.
  8. Building a path to comprehension using comparison and analogies.
  9. Making your message visual without adding unwanted distraction.

Supercommunicator covers a lot of ground, but the author’s 25 years of firsthand experience organizing and presenting information in manageable chunks contributed to a very readable book. Its 31 chapters are concise and to the point. Few chapters contain more than 10 pages, most contain fewer than 6 pages. Most chapters include examples and specific tips.

Download a free mind map

To get a better feel for what’s involved in becoming a content marketing Supercommunicator, download a Mindjet MindManager mind map of its table of contents. If you’re a MindManager user, you can use the mind map to take notes while reading.  (If you’re not a MindManager user, you can still explore the book’s contents using the online Mindjet Viewer.)

From my content marketing perspective

I’ve been a content marketer since college, using what are now called content marketing techniques to introduce new technologies like the Dolby Noise Reduction System, big screen projection televisions, and a variety of personal computing hardware and software. I wish Supercommunicator had come along 20, or more, years ago. It would have made my job a lot easier…just as it’s likely to make your content marketing job easier! Share you perspective, below, as comments.

Joe Pulizzi Shares Epic Content Marketing’s Story

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Listen as Joe Pulizzi tells about writing and marketing Epic Content Marketing: How to Tell a Different Story, Break through the Clutter, and Win More Customers by Marketing Less, his bestselling business bookClick the graphic to hear Joe Pulizzi share his experiences writing and marketing his bestselling business book, Epic Content Marketing.

Epic Content Marketing:  How to Tell a Different Story, Break through the Clutter, and Win More Customers by Marketing Less made its debut ten months ago, at the Content Marketing Institute’s Content Marketing World 2013 in Cleveland, Ohio.

Immediate and continued success

Epic Content Marketing was launched to immediate success, with enthusiastic reviews from both content marketing professionals as well as readers. It became an immediate Amazon Top 100 book and a bestseller in many categories.

Almost a year later, it remains near the top of the list in several important Amazon book and Kindle categories, including:

  • Business & Money > Small Business & Entrepreneurship > Marketing
  • Business & Money > Marketing & Sales > Marketing > Direct
  • Books > Business & Money > Marketing & Sales > Marketing > Web Marketing

Joe Pulizzi interview highlights

During our interview, Joe shared numerous stories about writing and marketing Epic Content Marketing, including:

  • His goals for Epic Content Marketing and how it differed from his previous publishing ventures
  • A detailed timeline for the various steps involved in planning, writing, and marketing Epic Content Marketing, beginning with his decision to write a third book.
  • The origins of the book’s title and subtitle (and which most difficult to choose)
  • His impressions of the differences between self-publishing and trade publishing
  • The steps and the costs involved in promoting the launch of Epic Content Marketing and how he continues to promote his book.

Options: you can listen or read

More Epic Content Marketing resources

Have you read Epic Content Marketing?

If you’ve read Joe Pulizzi’s Epic Content Marketing, share your impressions and takeaways, as comments, below. And, if you were unable to attend my original interview with Joe, after you listen to the interview, share your impressions or questions.

Want to Write and Market a NY Times Bestselling Business Book?

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Learn how Jay Bear turned a presentation into a NY Times bestseller in this short, informative, and resource-filled SlideShareLearn how Jay Baer turned a presentation into Youtility: Why Smart Marketing Is About Help, Not Hype, a New York Times bestselling content marketing business book.

Jay Baer’s 25 Secrets: How I Wrote and Marketed a New York Times Bestselling Book presentation is one of the most genuine and revealing author stories I’ve  encountered in a long time.

It’s an ideal resource for any subject area expert interesting in becoming a highly-successful bestselling author, thought leader, and keynote speaker published by a major trade publisher.

I found more genuinely helpful ideas in this 48-slide free presentation than in many $20 and $25 books and ebooks I’ve purchased!

Remarkable detail

As you progress through the presentation, you’ll find out answers to questions like:

  • How much time did it take for Jay to write Youtility?
  • What were some of the writing shortcuts he used to save time?
  • What was it like working with with a large publisher?
  • How does book length affect book sales?
  • What steps did Jay take to market his book before its publication?

In describing Youtility’s journey to publication, Jay introduces you to many of the resources he used. These include transcription services, literary agents, graphic designers, and his writing software of choice. He also shares details like his daily and weekend writing goals.

Friends and family

One of the most fascinating aspects of 25 Secrets is the important role that friends, family, and fellow content marketers played at several points in Youtility’s development. I’m impressed by Jay’s willingness to acknowledge their specific accomplishments. It’s a small point, but a revealing one about his integrity as a marketer and writer.

Want to learn more?

Share your comments and impressions, whether you’ve read Youtility from cover to cover, of if your first exposure to Jay Baer and Youtility is through these two presentations.

Save Time Creating New Business Proposals

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Save time preparing your next new business proposals by using a Mind Mapping templatePut the power of mind mapping to work saving time creating your next new business proposal.

The latest installment in my Mindjet Dashboard series,  Simple New Business Proposal describes how to use a simple, downloadable, 6-step mind map template.

The map is based on a proposal technique successfully taught and used for over twenty-five years.

Better proposals in less time

The Simple New Business Proposal mind map template helps you create better new business proposals by focusing your attention on a few of your prospective client’s key concerns  and objectives, showing how you are gong to address them.

In doing so, it provides a structure for you to concisely address your prospect’s key concerns, avoiding the temptation to spend too much time addressing your achievements and capabilities.

The structure of the proposal also helps your build urgency into your proposal, encouraging your prospect to take action on your proposal as soon as possible.

Presenting your proposal

My guest post also describes the advantages of delivering your proposal as a “virtual,” or Go-to-Meeting-type, presentation rather than sending your proposal via email. The mind map format allows you to walk your prospects through your proposal.

Presenting your proposal in a webinar-meeting format allows your prospect to comment on points as they’re discussed, allowing you to modify the proposal in real time, overcoming objections and speeding the proposal agreement process.

Are you ready for a new approach to new business proposals?

If you’d like to save time creating new business proposals, and increase the conversion rate of your proposals, check out my Simple New Business Proposal and mind map template. After you do, share your impressions  and questions below, as comments.

Looking for Fresh Content Marketing Ideas?

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Looking for Fresh Content Marketing Ideas? Here are links to 45 Ebooks to download and studyClick the graphic to discover 45 carefully-curated ebooks to download and harvest for fresh content marketing ideas.

Curata is a leading content curation firms, helping content marketers save time locating ideas to pass along as part of their content marketing and social media marketing.

Carefully curated free resources

Curata’s Content Marketing eBooks: The Ultimate List contains descriptions and download links to 45 valuable downloadable resources from trusted resources.

For your convenience, Curata has organized the ebooks into categories of content marketing topics, such as:

  • Content strategy
  • Blogging
  • Social Media
  • Curation
  • Analytics
  • Technology trends
  • Ethics
  • Email
  • SEO

7 tips for using Curata’s Content Marketing eBooks: The Ultimate List

Here are some suggestions for making the most of Curata’s list content marketing ebook topics:

  1. Pace yourself. Don’t go overboard and download all of the ebooks at one time. Instead, put aside a little time every day to harvest information from the ebook resources. Consider this a month-long educational project, not a one day, or weekend event.
  2. Set up a system. Instead of downloading all of the ebooks at once, download one or two ebooks at a time and actually read them before you download additional ebooks. The point is to learn, not “download and forget.”
  3. Prioritize your downloads. Decide whether you want download the ebooks in the order they’re listed, or do you want to initially focus on your most pressing content marketing areas of concern?
  4. Organize the files. Ask yourself, How do I want to access the ebooks in the future? Suggestion: what I have done is great a C-level folder entitled Ebooks by Others. Within this, I can created subfolders for each of the above categories.
  5. Track your progress. Using a word-processed list, a spreadsheet, or a mind map, indicate the ebooks you have downloaded, the date you downloaded it, and the date you have finished reading it.
  6. Evaluate and analyze. Read with a critical eye. Takes notes while reading. Take the time to write down each ebook’s most important ideas, or takeaways. Pay attention to the structure of each ebook, the clarity of the information, and the way graphics and design are used to reinforce the words. View each of the ebooks as an example, case study, that can help you when it’s time to create your own ebook.
  7. Follow the ebook authors or publishers. Learn more by following the authors and publishers online by monitoring their blog and social media activities. Subscribe to their email newsletters and pay attention to them when they arrive. Again, this will reinforce and build upon the information you learned in the ebooks.

Share your experiences

Share your experiences downloading and reading the ebooks. Which ebooks did you download first? Which did you find most helpful? What other topics would you like to have seen included? Share your impressions and takeaways below, as comments.