Meet 2015′s Top 100 Content Marketers to Follow on Twitter

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Follow 2015's Top 100 Content Marketers on Twitter to keep up with their latest ideas and resourcesMeet 2015′s Top 100 Content Marketers to follow on Twitter by clicking the image to the left.

The Witty Parrot’s compilation of the Top 100 Content Marketer’s makes it easy to make keep up with the latest content ideas and avoid overlooking any of today’s top content marketing resources.

Typical content marketer profile from Witty Parrot 2015's curated list of Top 100 Content Marketers to Follow on Twitter SlideShare presentationThe concise format of each of the SlideShare presentation’s slides provides a 2-line overview of each content marketer’s background and qualifications, plus a link to their Twitter profile.

Influencer marketing

One of the most important benefits of the Witty Parrot’s curation of 2015′s Top Content Marketers to follow on Twitter is that it helps you save time creating a Twitter List of the top influencers.

Creating a Twitter List of the top influencers in your field is the first step towards building online relationships with them. This can pay big dividends in the years ahead.

Often, important content marketing tweets disappear because they quickly pass by and are lost in your daily feed. But, with them Top 100 content marketers organized in a single Twitter list, you can quickly review the contents and trends of their latest thinking.

Curating details

As the Witty Parrot described in their recent post, the criteria for selection was based on, but not limited to:

  • Presence on Twitter
  • Regularity of tweets
  • Twitter follower count
  • Popularity of written work; blog posts, books, eBooks etc

Witty Parrott list of Top 100 content marketers to follow on Twitter with their profile and Twitter linkFor those in a hurry, the Witty Parrot has also provided a scrolling alphabetical list with descriptions and Twitter links.

You can use the list to quickly verify whether or not you’re already following each individual. You can also use the links to quickly follow them.

Familiar face on Slide 83

Witty Parrot profile of Roger Parker on 2015's Top 100 Content Marketers to Follow on Twitter Slideshare PresentationI was pleased to be included on the list of 2015′s Top Content Marketers to Follow on Twitter on Slide 83.

My involvement with what is now known as content marketing began less than a year after I graduated from college, and continues today. The power of content never ceases to amaze me.

How a 7-Step Content Marketing Plan Earned an $87 Million Dollar Paycheck is just one of the the highly-successful content marketing experiences I draw upon serving businesses that range in size from Espresso Dave to Apple, Microsoft, and Yamaha.

How can I help you “tame the content beast?” by helping you organize your ideas and become a more efficient content marketer and writer? Contact me to  schedule an introductory call!

Ilise Benun’s Pricing & Promo Tips | Free Call

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Ilise Benum's New Business Proposal Bundle offers copywriters, graphic designers, and web consultants a make great Holiday gifts for consultants and freelance graphic designers and writers a fresh way to promote and propose their servicesWriters,designers, and consultants–get a fresh perspective on pricing your writing and design services when I interview  Ilise Benun this week.

Join this Published & Profitable free call on Tuesday, January 13, at 4:00 PM EST.

Discover fresh, proven tools to save time attracting and generating new business.

Planning, pricing and proposal resources for writers and designers

Ilise Benum has built her Marketing Mentor reputation focusing on addressing the unique challenges authors, writers, copywriters, digital designers, and graphic designers face marketing and pricing their services.

Ilise Benun has created dozens of proposal aids and resource bundles, like her 80-page Proposal Pricing Bundle, that help designers and writers get paid what they’re worth.

You can view all of her business resources for creative professionals at the Marketing Mentor Online Store, including many specialized templates available as low as $15.

To learn more

Learn more about Ilise Benum by following her Marketing Mentor Blog, which contains nine years of advice, examples,  ideas, and tips for creative professionals looking for ways to:

  • Build their business
  • Save Time
  • Differentiate their services
  • Get paid what they’re worth

Join our free call Tuesday, January 13, at 4:00 PM EST

Ilise Benun will share valuable ideas and tips for attracting the type of consulting, copywriting, and graphic design clients you desire. Simply dial 605-475-6150 and enter PIN 513391. No need to RSVP! There will be an opportunity to ask questions, and you can invite your friends to attend this free call. More call details here.

14 Content Marketing Checklists & Worksheets

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Boost content marketing productivity with these 14 checklists, scorecards, and worksheets offered by the Content Marketing InstituteBoost your content marketing productivity with these 14 free content marketing checklists, scorecards, and worksheets available in a recent Content Marketing Institute round-up.

Click the image to access a recent Content Marketing Institute Blog posts that offers convenient access to 14 valuable productivity-boosting articles, checklists, scorecards, and worksheets that have appeared during the past few years.

Fresh perspective and best practices

Print and save the 14 idea-filled articles articles and you’ll gain a fresh perspective on the fundamentals and best practices of content marketing success from leading content marketing experts around the country.

Time-saving resources

Even better, and download and print the checklists, scorecards, and worksheets. The printable PDF resources help you save time as you identify your goals, develop your ideas, and proof your work.

Included are articles and resources for all aspects of content marketing, including planning, content creation, content curation, content strategy, design, technology, and time management.

Helpful printer friendly feature

To help you save time, the Content Marketing Institute makes it easy for you to print attractive, easy-to-read copies of their blog posts for later off-line reading.  (I recommend you print articles on 3-hole punched paper available from Staples, and save them in 3-ring binders.)

The Content Marketing institute Blog's PrintFriendly feature helps you create PDFs or print articles and blog postsTo access the Content Marketing Institute’s Printer Friendly feature:

  1. Select the plus sign located at the bottom of the social media toolbar in the window of your web browser window, as shown at left.
  2. Select the PrintFriendly icon in the Share window.
  3. Choose either Create a PDF or print using your desktop printer.

An invitation

I was pleased that 6 of the 14 articles, checklists, scorecards, and worksheets selected for the resource round-up consisted of submissions.

To access all 24 of my articles, visit my Content Marketing Institute portal page.

Ideas wanted

I’m always interested in ideas for future projects. Please submit your ideas for future content marketing articles, checklists, scorecards, and worksheets below, as comments. I enjoy helping authors and content marketers save time and boost their productivity.

2014′s Top Holiday Gift Books for Content Marketing

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Click the image for a list of the top 8 Content marketing books for last minute holiday shoppingStill looking for gift ideas for the content marketers in your life? Click the image for a list of 2014′s best new  content marketing books.

Yesterday, my latest round-up of 2014′s best content marketing books appeared in the latest Content Marketing Institute blog.

Criteria for selecting books

As usual, I didn’t limited my list strictly to books with “content marketing” in the title. Instead, I included books in areas that that play a big role in content marketing success, such as books about:

  • Writing for content marketing success
  • Taking your content strategy to the next level
  • Visual thinking as a brainstorming and planning tool
  • Going global with your business
  • Managing your agency or content marketing department and improving staff skills
  • Rethinking your firm’s sales and service for a changed world
  • Launching new products and services

Whether the content marketer in your life is self-employed, runs an agency, or is interested in skills improvement for advancement in a corporate content marketing department, these books can make a significant contribution to their career–as well as bring a grin of appreciation.

Links to previous content marketing book round-ups

For your convenience, the article also includes link to previous round-ups of significant content marketing books beyond those published during 2014, expanding your options.

Here are links to other articles with holiday gift suggestions for creative professionals, writers, and those interested in design and personal growth.

Are you familiar with any of the content marketing books in my list?

No list can ever be complete, of course. If you’re familiar with any of the books on my list of 2014′s best content marketing holiday gift books, please share your impressions of the books as comments, below.  In addition, if you’re familiar with other recently published books that I overlooked, please bring them to my attention.

Ilise Benun’s Gift Ideas for Creative Professionals

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Ilise Benum's New Business Proposal Packages make great Holiday gifts for consultants and freelance graphic designers and copywritersIlise Benun’s New Business Proposal Bundles make ideal holiday gifts for the freelance copywriter or graphic designer in your life.

Ilise Benun Marketing Mentor website is a well known and respected marketing resource for consultants, graphic copywriters, and designers.

Better clients, bigger budgets.

Ilise Benun helps creative professionals who want better clients, bigger budgets and better projects.  A respected blogger and speaker at leading events, she offers a variety of 1-to-1 assistance and and do-it-yourself resources. As she puts it:

With the right advice, accountability and assistance, you can stop taking whatever comes along and go get the work you want.

Ilise Benun’s Package Pricing Bundle

Ilise Benun’s Package Pricing Bundle, shown above, reflects her years of marketing experience and her savvy helping creative businesses effectively market themselves. It shares:

  • New approach to pricing your creative services
  • Step-by-step process for creating your own packages
  • Models of how other creative professionals are successfully doing it

The Package Pricing Bundle offers 80 pages of detailed information, including:

  • Informed discussion of a la carte versus package pricing
  • Advice for retainer-based relationships
  • 3 samples of package pricing
  • 4 podcast interviews and transcripts
  • Sample retainer proposal

Other New Business Proposal Bundles

Ilise Benum Designers Proposal Volume 2 is an ideal rGift holiday Suggestion for Graphic DesignersAdditional Proposal Packages include Ilise Benun’s Designer’s Proposal Bundle (Volume 2).  The success of Ilise Benun’s original Designer’s Proposal Bundle resulted in a second volume containing completely new information. The 153-package PDF  includes

  • 9 Brand New Winning Proposals shared by designers and copywriters
  • Checklist of 17 Best Practices for Winning Proposals. This helps you analyze the best practices represented in each proposal and helps you review your own proposals.
  • Broad-based examples. The examples and analyses cover design services like different types of print and online design projects, i.e., logos and brand designs, marketing collateral, and website redesigns for both industries and nonprofit associations.

Ilise Benum's Proposal Bundle for Copywriters is an ideal Holiday Gift for writers in your lifeFor the ideal gift for the copywriters in your life, choose Ilise Benun’s Proposal Bundle for Copywriters. It includes:

  • 9 keys to creating effective copywriting proposals for clients, which guides you through the process of preparing a new business proposal
  • 11 successful proposals you can study..
  • Ilise Benun webcast, Proposals That Get You the Job.

Special Proposal Singles

If you scroll down the Marketing-Mentor Shop page, you’ll also find a variety of other proposal packages for specific types of tasks (like proposals for white papers), different industries, or different-sized businesses. most are available for just $15!

Learn more about Ilise Benun and planning for 2015

Learn more about Ilise Benum and her 2015 Maketing Plan and eCalendar on the next Published and Profitable author interiewLearn more when I interview on the next Published & Profitable free coaching call, Tuesday, January 13, at 4:00 PM EST.

Ilise will share new business proposal tips for creative professionals. You’ll gain valuable ideas and tips for attracting the type of consulting, copywriting, and graphic design clients you desire.

We’ll also discuss Ilise Benun’s 2015 Marketing Plan + eCalendar and how to make the most of the opportunities you’ll have during the new year.

The call is free to all Published & Profitable friends and members. Mark the date: Tuesday, January 13, 2015, at 4:00 PM. To attend, dial 605-475-6150 and enter PIN 513391.

Holiday Gift Idea: Nina Amir’s Author Training Manual

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Nina Amir Author Training Manual Is an Ideal Holiday Gift Idea for the Writer In Your LifeNina Amir’s Author Training Manual is an ideal holiday gift book for the author or writer in your life who wants to write a book.

Nina Amir’s Author Training Manual joins Ann Handley’s Everybody Writes, which I recently reviewed, as one of the two most important writing books published during 2014.

Nina Amir’s Author Training Manual is  a practical, detailed guide for new authors  It offers advice, examples, and exercises to help you:

  • Develop Marketable Ideas
  • Craft Books that Sell
  • Become the Author Publisher’s Want
  • Self-Publish Effectively

About the Author Training Manual‘s contents

Visit to download a Mindjet MindManager mind map of Nina Amir's Author Training ManualAs you can see from the sample Mindjet mind map at right, that you can download for free or view online, The Author Training Manual is organized into three sections:

  • MANUAL. The first section addresses the importance of developing an appropriate “author attitude” and the need to realistically evaluate your book’s potential for success. The following chapters describe Nina’s 9-step writing plan for preparing a detailed book proposal—regardless of how you intend to publish your book.
  • SAMPLES. Next, there are examples of completed book proposals showing how other author’s addressed the topics in previously-described 9-step plan.
  • TRAINING EXERCISES. To help readers make the transition to authors, the final chapters offer hands-on ideas, exercises, and questions for readers to use as they address the 9 steps.

Practical, realistic writing advice

Like Ann Hadley’s Everybody Writes, Nina Amir’s Author Training Manual offers a realistic approach to writing. Neither over-promises by offering an unrealistic “silver bullet” approach.

Both stress the core values of creating a manageable, sustainable writing process. Neither Ann Hadley nor Nina Amir promises instant, effort-free gratification. Both obviously love the writing process and advocate quality and craftsmanship.

Whether you purchase them separately, or together, either offers an ideal holiday gift that can have a significant impact on the recipient’s and career.

About Nina Amir

The Author Training Manual reflects Nina Amir’s experiences as an author, book coach, speaker, and blogger. It’s enhanced by examples and quotes from Nina’s extensive personal network of authors, book coaches, and clients who have followed her program.

This is Nina Amir’s second book for Writer’s Digest. Her first was How to Blog a Book: How to Write, Publish, and Promote Your Book One Post at a Time.

About Nina Amir

You can learn more about Nina Amir at her blogs and websites, which include:, www.WriteNonfictionNow, and Her social media presence includes Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

If you’re familiar with either (or both) Ann Handley’s Everybody Writes or Nina Amir’s Author Training Manual, share your impressions and takeaways below!