99 questions to ask before you start to write a book

The blog post links, below, provide ideas, tips, and examples to help you address the questions in my 99 Questions to Ask Before Writing and Self-Publishing a Brand-building Book.

This handy workbook will save your time and help you gain a fresh perspective on writing and self-publishing your book. Here are answers to the first 31 planning and writing questions:

Planning Questions

  1. Why do you want to write a book?
  2. How do you intend to profit from writing a book?
  3. How will you judge your book’s success?
  4. What is your deadline for writing a book?
  5. How passionate are you about writing your book?
  6. How long have you wanted to write a book?
  7. What’s keeping you from writing a book?
  8. How much control over your book do you want?
  9. What are some of the ways you can benefit from self-publishing?
  10. Who do you want to read your book?
  11. What are your ideal readers characteristics?
  12. What are the challenges & threats your readers are facing?
  13. What are your readers looking for?
  14. What’s keeping your readers from solving their problems?
  15. What kind of book do you want to write?
  16. What are some of the ideas you want to write about in your first book?
  17. How can you locate & learn from experts in your field?
  18. What are the keywords your readers are likely using when searching online?
  19. What are the titles of the leading books in your field?
  20. Which of the leading books in your field are Amazon Top 100 books?
  21. What other titles often appear with the leading books in your field?
  22. What can you learn from visiting Amazon.com’s Author Pages?
  23. What can you learn from Reader Comments on Amazon?
  24. How can you analyze competing books on Amazon before buying them?
  25. How can you track research information about competing books?

Writing Questions

26.  What’s the best way to start to write your book?
27.  How are you going to organize your book?
28. How will your ideal readers benefit from your book?
29. How can you prove your book’s value at a glance?
30. How can you target your ideal readers in your book title?
31. How can you position your book in a crowded field?

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My 99 Questions to Ask Before Writing and Self-Publishing a Brand-Building Book is a step-by-step, printable workbook that’s like working with an experienced book coach at your side.

It saves time, helps you explore your options, and make better-informed decisions.

Each time you address a question, you’re one-step closer to writing and publishing success!

When you finish answering the questions, you’ll have a content, marketing, and profit plan for your book. Click the cover to download my workbook and I’ll also keep you informed with ideas, tips, and advance notice of upcoming events.  And, I don’t rent, share, or sell my list to anyone!

Roger Parker’s new 99 Questions book is an extraordinarily great tool for aspiring and published authors. I’ve written 15 books and each one would have been better had I answered the questions Roger presents before I started writing.

Bud Bilanich, The Common Sense Guy,
, Denver, CO