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I’m a former F500 exec jumping into entrepreneurism. Roger has been coaching me on structuring my book, product and web presence. His deep knowledge of styles, methods and structure of publishing in the ways people consume information today, has been very helpful to me. He’s helped me gain much more clarity on what kind of book I need to write in support of the business I’m building. I’m now able to write with much better focus and purpose than before I started working with Roger. I see the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel whereas before I saw only the tunnel.
Rick Wong, Founder of The Five Abilities® LLC
Former Sales Vice President at Microsoft

If you are a business executive considering a long term approach to writing, looking for a well seasoned professional with fresh approaches, I would highly recommend Roger Parker. With his unique personal touch and a proven system, Roger has helped me to establish the basis for a professional writing career.
Andres Pena
Group Vice President Copower Enterprise China