Roger C. Parker’s speaking, presenting, & training experiences

Throughout most of my life, I’ve been a teacher at heart. And I still enjoy sharing my passions and discoveries with others.

Fresh out of college, I was going to be the “great American historian.”

I had been inspired by some of the best in the History Department Clark University and urban planner professors at the Harvard Extension School.

But, I soon discovered the fun of “educating” customers about things I love in retail settings.

Like so many others who write a brand building book, my fee-based speaking didn’t take off until after the appearance of my first book, Looking Good in Print.

My first book changed everything for me…like it can for you, too.

Pre-Looking Good in Print

Before Looking Good in Print appeared, my speaking and training experiences included:

  • Teaching. I’ve taught several college level advertising and marketing courses, often focusing on small business marketing challenges
  • Presenting. On several occasions, I addressed the International Consumer Electronics Shows, once sharing the podium with Joseph Sugarman, one of America’s top direct response copywriters.
  • Corporate presentations and workshops. Before Looking Good appeared, I had conducted numerous corporate training programs and workshops around the country, including a popular Selling the First-Time Buyer workshop for Yamaha plus a series of Cooperative Advertising Profit seminars for Apple Computer.

One of my favorite evaluations says it all: “I never realized I could learn so much while laughing.”

Post-Looking Good in Print

During the year and a half that followed Looking Good’s appearance, I presented over 150 day-long desktop publishing design workshop presentations.

I was also a frequent presenter at Folio Conferences sponsored by the Magazine Publisher’s Association and numerous Corporate Communicator’s Conferences.

For many years, I was a keynote presenter at PageMaker Conferences produced by ThunderLizard Productions, the leading desktop publishing workshop partnership. This lead to web design presentations for web conferences sponsored by Miller-Friedman publishing.

Other Looking Good in Print-inspired corporate speaking clients include Hewlett-Packard, Lexmark, and Software Publishing Corporation. When Microsoft Publisher appeared, I joined the Microsoft Small Business Council and represented Microsoft Publisher at press events around the country.

Current topics

During the past 10 years, my interests have focused on 3 areas:

  • Nonfiction writing & author branding success. I’ve conducted over 500 teleseminar interviews with successfully nonfiction authors in order to identify the common elements of nonfiction writing and author branding success and share ideas, tips, and strategies for writing success. During many weeks, I organized and presented multiple teleseminars and webinars.
  • Mind mapping and visual thinking. I was an early convert to mind mapping software, which I need for efficient writing, interviewing, and presenting. I have presented dozens of webinars and online events for clients like Mindjet, and others.
  • Content. Mind mapping and writing come together with my Content Catalyst presentation that I introduced at an early Membership Site Owner’s Bootcamp and WSO presentations. There’s no “mystery” to writing books and creating compelling content, just the consistent application of tools like mind mapping.


I’m as comfortable in-person as I am virtually, connecting with participants on teleseminars and webinars. I prepare both with the same amount of care.

Contact me if your audiences want to know more about content, writing, or visual thinking.