Roger C. Parker’s personal branding resources

A week after leaving my last job, and vowing “never again,” I began to build my personal brand.

I had to; I had nowhere else to go!

In exchange for a small ad each month, I began writing a monthly column in a leading trade publication, sharing what I had learned about advertising and selling consumer electronics on the retail level. That was my first personal brand–although the word hadn’t come into popular usage.

I created my second personal brand when desktop publishing grew to be a major force in both corporate and small business America. My books, like Looking Good in Print: A Guide to Basic Design for Desktop Publishing, helped me create a brand as a resource for business professionals who were not designers, but who needed to know how to use design to project a professional image.

Now, in my third personal brand, I’m a writing and content coach, helping others do what I did myself–create their brands using a combination of writing and design skills.

On my blog, and in my personal coaching and mentoring, I share writing tips, examples, and strategies to help others build their brands by writing articles, blog posts, books, e-books, newsletters, reports and online events.

In addition to my blog, and over 250 published articles in publications like Home Office Computing, Graphic Solutions, and Technique, I have contributed over 100 articles about writing and personal branding to Dan Schawbel’s Personal Branding Blog.

Dan’s blog is the largest and most widely-syndicated career and personal branding blog targeting today’s millennial generation.

You can access my articles by searching the Personal Branding Blog’s Authors Corner archives.

Use my online form to ask me questions and find out how I can help you write your way to a strong and successful personal brand.