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Recent press releases from Roger C. Parker, best-selling author and book coach. Most press relates relate to writing, content marketing, mind mapping, personal branding, and book publishing.

New blog post series helps authors save time writing & publishing a brand-building book

Best-selling author Roger C. Parker recently announced a blog post series addressing the 99 questions authors should ask themselves before writing and self-publishing a brand-building book. Based on his experiences as an author and book coach, the series helps authors save time, consider more options, and make better writing and book marketing decisions. more

Mindjet selects Roger C. Parker’s mind map as the March Mappie winner

Mindjet, publisher of MindManager, the leading mind mapping software program, announced yesterday that best-selling author Roger C. Parker submitted the winning mind map for their monthly Mappie contest. Roger’s Publishing Success Cycle: 20 Questions to Ask Before You Write or Publish a Book is available for download from Mindjet’s Maps for That website. more

New webinar series shows authors how to save time and increase productivity using the power of mind mapping

Based on his own success and experiences with Mindjet’s mind mapping software, best-selling author Roger C. Parker, recently announced Introduction to Mind Mapping for Authors, a 3-week Webinar Series that emphasizes to authors and writers how mind mapping will improve writing techniques, workflow, and author productivity. more

Free MindManager template saves time writing articles & blog posts

Online marketing professionals looking for a fast way to create marketing content like articles and blog posts are invited to download Roger C. Parker’s 3-Step Writing Jumpstart Mind Map. The 10 questions save time by focusing your thinking and helping you build momentum at the start of your writing project. According to author and designer Roger C. Parker, The more thinking you do before you start to write, the less time you’ll need to spend writing, editing, and formatting your project! more information or download the map

Free mind map helps authors plan new books

Roger C. Parker’s free 20 Questions to Ask Before You Write a Book mind map helps authors save time planning new books while avoiding disappointment and wasted effort. The 20 questions permit authors to brainstorm and review their book ideas from the “big picture” perspective of Published & Profitable’s 4-step Publishing Success Cycle; Planning, Writing, Promoting, and Profiting. more

Free mind map displays latest Visual Thinking Resources

Get a fresh perspective on solving complex writing, marketing, and personal branding problems by downloading Roger C. Parker’s Visual Thinking Resources. This free mind shows how simple drawings and mobile mind mapping applications can solve tasks like choosing book titles, creating a book’s table of contents, and preparing social media content plans. There are also links to dozens of visual thinking resources. more