7 Habits for Content Marketing Success

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Boost your content marketing productivity by incorporating these 7 habits into your everyday routines. Are your content marketing habits working for you, or against you?

My 7 Habits of Content Marketing Success presentation on SlideShare offers you an opportunity to gain fresh perspective on your content marketing productivity.


I’ve learned a lot from the over 500 successfully published authors and content marketers I’ve interviewed during the past 10 years.

Although their rituals and tools may differ, I’ve found remarkable consistency to their habits– their underlying attitudes and values.

Your habits determine your  success

Successful content marketers and authors recognize that there are no “silver bullets” or instant solution to big projects–like writing a book or establishing an expert voice  in a crowded world.

Ultimately, success doesn’t come from mastering another software program, purchasing another book, or watching a video. Often, these describe tactics can pay off–but only under the right circumstances.

Productivity takes place when you’re alone

Content marketing productivity either happens, or doesn’t happen, every day. It happens when you’re alone–just you and your laptop or tablet.

Every day, you make numerous simple decisions. These decisions add up and, ultimately, play a huge role in your content marketing and writing success. Examples are all around us. Perhaps you:

  • Choose topics at the last minute, rather than creating an editorial calendar spelling out topics, deadlines, and responsibilities.
  • Wait until the last minute to start a difficult task, then wonder why it doesn’t turn out right.
  • Know “just enough” about your software to get by, instead of mastering its features and the shortcuts built into it.
  • Trust your instincts rather than analyzing your market personas and carefully tracking the results of your content marketing.
  • Try to do everything yourself, rather than nurturing an engaged and loyal team.

Habits aren’t something you buy

Habits, like sustainable friendships, marriages, and customer loyalty aren’t something you buy. They don’t come conveniently packaged. Often, there’s no instructions.

Habits come from commitment and cultivation. They develop over time, but they pay increasing dividends over time. They reward you in good times as well as bad times.

Share your comments and suggestions

Hopefully, my 7 Habits for Content Marketing Success will help you take a fresh look at your current habits and evaluate whether they’re contributing to, or undermining, your journey to content marketing success. Share your comments or suggestions below, on SlideShare, or on Twitter.

Roger C. Parker bring a lifetime of practical content marketing experience based on the unchanging principles of market education, targeting ideal clients, and maintaining constant visibility. I offer content marketing and writing assistance, critiques, and do-it-yourself checklists, templates, and worksheets. At a time of rapid technological change and the increasing specialization, I’m a seasoned generalist. I can help you address writing, design, and productivity challenges. I’ve written 40 books. I contribute to the Content Marketing Institute blog and share content dashboard ideas on Mindjet’s Conspire blog.

How to Prepare for Tuesday’s Call with Amy Morin

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Learn more about Amy Morin's successful first book, 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don't DoThe more you know about Amy Morin before next Tuesday’s call, the more you’ll learn from my conversation with this “first book” bestselling author.

If you’re interested in writing a psychology or personal development book, you’ll want to attend next Tuesday’s call with Amy Morin, the author of 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do.

Please join our call Tuesday, Feb. 17, at 4:00 PM Eastern.

Who is Amy Morin?

Amy Morin is a licensed clinical social worker from a small town in Maine. One of her 2013 articles was picked-up by Forbes and viewed more than 10 million times. This contributed to her first book becoming an immediate best seller.

Amy is a nationally-recognized speaker and the only person in the psychology industry who is talking about mental strength on a global level. She’s been quoted in Time, Fast Company, US News & World Report, Parenting, ABCNews.com, and NBCNews.com and has been interviewed by Fox Business, the Glenn Beck TV show, and Forbes.

Call background

I contacted Amy about a possible interview the same afternoon I discovered her book at a local Barnes & Noble. I was impressed by its relevance, it’s compelling and memorable title, the way she organized each chapter, and her conversational writing style.

Who should attend this call?

Although this call is an ideal learning opportunity for anyone interested in writing and marketing a successful nonfiction, “how to” book. It is especially relevant as a study in best practices for nonfiction authors interested in writing a motivational, psychology, or personal development book.

What will we be discussing?

Our call will touch upon her background as well as her experiences as she Planned, Wrote, and Promoted her book. We’ll also discuss the role that the book plays in her career.

During our call, we’ll be discussing the steps she took to:

  1. Position herself and her book in a crowded field
  2. Choose a compelling title
  3. Organize her ideas
  4. Locate the right assistance
  5. Build anticipation for her book
  6. Promote the launch of her book
  7. Maintain her book’s momentum

How to prepare for Tuesday’s call

Below are 7 tips to prepare for my interview with Amy Morin. A pleasant hour exploring these resources before the call will reinforce what you’ll hear during our call. Advance preparation may also suggest questions for you to ask Amy at the end of the call:

  1. Review the reasons for this interview. In a previous blog post, Learn Amy Morin’s Path to First-Book Success, I outlined some of my goals for the call. Basically, Amy’s book and the story behind it reflects numerous best practices that can benefit nonfiction authors in any field.
  2. Get a "big picture" view of Amy Morin's 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don't Do from a Mindjet MindManager mind map of Amy Morin's bookDownload a mind map of Amy Morin’s book. The map joins dozens of my mind maps of other bestselling nonfiction books on Biggerplate.com. If you’re a user of Mindjet’s Mindmanager, you can download the mind map and use it to take notes while reading Amy’s book. If you’re not already a Mindjet MindManager user, you can explore the book’s contents online.
  3. Visit Amy Morin’s website. You’ll find a wealth of information about her background, including a personal video about her experiences which triggered the book, her original article, an unusually well-written summary of the book’s contents, and 5 Powerful Exercises to Maintain Your Mental Strength.
  4. Explore her weekly Forbes blog posts.  When Forbes picked-up Amy’s original 13 Things article, it went viral and was viewed by over 10 million readers! Note her concise profile statement: “I write about the psychological aspects of business.” Explore her blog posts to the development of her message.
  5. Amy Morin #13Things Tweets occasionally feature quotes from her book styled to match her book coverAnalyze how Amy Morin’s uses social media. Visit her presence on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and Pinterest.
  6. Check out Amy Morin’s Huffington Post blog posts. These further introduce her to new followers and prospective readers. Amy is also About.com’s Discipline Expert and Parenting Teens Expert.
  7. Explore her book at Amazon.com. Click the Look Inside icon by the cover, and pay attention to the particular attention to the Reader Reviews.

Join the call!

My interview with Amy Morin takes place Tuesday, February 17th, at 4 PM Eastern. All Published & Profitable friends and members are invited to attend. To attend, dial 605-475-6150 and enter PIN 513391. There will be an opportunity for you to ask Amy questions, or you’re invited to submit them ahead of time, as comments, below.

Scott Abel Tells Why Content Strategy Matters

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Listen as Scott Abel, Content Wrangler, describes the benefits that a content strategy offers authors and content marketersJust click the image to hear Scott Abel, co-author of The Language of Content Strategy, describe how a content strategy helps authors and content marketers.

In my recent interval with Content Wrangler Scott Abel, he described why a content strategy matters for authors and content marketersThis was one of my favorite 2014 interviews. Scott is an energetic speaker who is one of the pioneers helping firms boost the productivity of their in content management.

Scott Abel, is the founder of The Content Wrangler, an educational and consulting firm that helps firms manage their content–their most valuable business asset in an increasingly complex, fast-moving, and global environment.

More than just topics…

To many, a content strategy involves simply choosing themes and topics for their content marketing.

But, as Scott described, a content strategy involves much more; it involves writing and saving content in forms that make it easy to use the content in multiple projects, formats, and–often–multiple languages.

Learn more about Scott Abel and Rahel Anne Bailie's The Language of Content StrategyLessons The Language of Content Strategy teaches

As Scott described, The Language of Content Strategy, co-authored with Rahel Anne Bailie, contains 52 chapters that define 52 content marketing terms.

However, the 52 chapters were also intended to be used in multiple ways, i.e., as blog posts and a card deck for training purposes.

Normally, adapting copy for multiple projects of different length would require extensive editing, copying, and pasting. There would be multiple files saved in multiple locations.

However, the simultaneous production of 3 separate projects proceeded smoothly, paving the way for additional projects.

That’s just an example of the relevance of content strategy and its ability to enhance the productivity of authors and content marketers.

During our interview, Scott entertainingly described significant experiences in his background that contributed to his interest in content strategy and additional details about the project and his current activities.

Additional resources

Before listening to, or downloading, our interview, you may want to check out these additional resources:

To learn more

Discover more of my author thought leader interviews. For advance e-mail notification of upcoming author thought leadership interviews, download my free 99 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Start to Write and Self-Publish a Brand-Building Book workbook. It provides a framework to writing success and helps you save time. Please share your comments about my interview with Scott Abel, below.

Ilise Benun Shares Proposal Writing and Package Pricing Tips for Creative Professionals

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Just click the image to hear Ilise Benun’s tips for new business proposals and pricing your services.

Author, speaker, and marketing coach Ilise Benun has dedicated to her career to helping creative individuals and firms, like consultants, copywriters, graphic designers, and web-types boost their profits and be able to choose the clients they want.

As you’ll hear during this interview, Elise brings a unique mixture of sound business and marketing tactics combined with decades of experience working with creative businesses.

Elise Benun's Package Pricing Bundle can give your consulting, copywriting, or design business and career a new perspective on pricing your servicesAt Ilise Benun’s online store, you’ll find dozens of new business proposal examples and templates tailored to different occupations and projects.  These are available for as little as $15.

In Ilise Benun’s Shop, you’ll also find her new Package Pricing Bundle.

This provides a fresh, needed perspective for pricing your consulting, copywriting, or graphic design services.

She also offers a 2015 Marketing Plan and eCalendar for Creative Professionals.


Over 10 years ago I began a series of weekly, in-depth interviews with successfully published non-fiction authors in a variety of fields. My guests include both well-known bestselling authors as well as newly emerging, self-published authors chosen from advertising, copywriting, graphic design, mind mapping, psychology, public relations, and social media.

So far, I’ve interviewed more than 500 nonfiction authors.

I continue to be fascinated with nonfiction authors, their writing goals, their writing habits, their book marketing, and–of course–how they profit from their books.

To learn more

Download a copy of Roger C. Parker's 99 Questions to Ask Before Writing and Self-Publishing a Brand-Building Book For more information about Ilise Benun and our interview: check-out Ilise Benun’s Gift Ideas for Creative Professionals.

If you like Ilise’s interiew, you can also access over a dozen more recorded interviews ings of recent Author Thought Leader interviews for downloading or listening here.

Download my free workbook, 99 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Writing and Self-publishing a Brand-building Book, and you’ll receive advance  notice of upcoming author interviews and other topics of interest. Be sure to comment or Tweet if you enjoy my interview with Ilise Benun.

Save Time Following Today’s Top Content Marketers

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Save time following today's top Content Marketers on Twitter by downloading this free Mindjet MindManager mindmap template Boost your content marketing and social marketing productivity with this free mind map template of 2015′s Top 100 Content Marketers on Twitter.

The mind map template offers you one-click access to today’s top content marketers on Twitter.

The mind map, based on data from The Witty Parrot, you can easily create a personal Twitter list containing the influencers with whom you’d like to learn from and build a relationship.

Even if you’re not currently a user of Mindjet’s MindManager mind mapping software, you can view and access the mind map online, so you can make sure you’re following today’s top most important content marketers.

Mindmapping tips and suggestions

Part of my Mindjet Dashboard series, 10 Reasons to Use a Mind Map to Follow 2015’s Top 100 Content Marketers, show you how to put this mind mp to work.

There are also tips and suggestions describing how you can modify and enhance the mind map template. You’ll learn how to:

  • Organize and filter the mind map to reflect your interests and priorities
  • Enhance the mind map by adding links to the expert’s websites and books
  • Add additional content marketers and influencers to your mind map

Enhance your social media productivity

Content marketing and social media productivity requires identifying the key influencers in your field and isolating them from the stream of continuously updated Tweets that appear in your main feed. This article and mind map can be a game changer in your use of social media.

To learn more, see the Witty Parrot’s SlideShare presentation based on their carefully-curated list of 2015′s Top Content Marketers on Twitter, as well as their other SlideShare presentations of previous compiled lists of experts on Twitter.

Looking for 1000′s of Content Marketing Ideas? #Twitter Chat Transcripts

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You can find thousands of content marketing ideas in the Content Marketing Institute's #Twitter Chat transcriptsDiscover 1000′s of content marketing ideas, insights, and tips in 1 place in the Content Marketing Institute’s #Twitter Chat transcripts.

Since July, 2013, the Content Marketing Institute’s weekly #Twitter Chats have attracted the world’s top content marketers as guests and participants.

Each live #Twitter Chat involves a lively questions and answers based a different theme, or topic that reflects the guest’s area of expertise. Previous content marketing topics have included:

  • Content curation
  • Content marketing strategy
  • Content effectiveness
  • Content marketing metrics
  • Content tone and personality
  • Financial content marketing
  • Finding inspiration
  • Global content marketing
  • Influencer marketing
  • Marketing agencies
  • Predictions and trends
  • Sales and content marketing
  • Slideshare
  • Visual storytelling

The Content Marketing Institute’s #Twitter Chats take place Tuesdays at 12 noon, Eastern. (details)

#Twitter Chat transcripts–content marketing’s biggest secret?

Best of all, the Content Marketing Institute’s transcribes their weekly #Twitter Chats. These transcript offer a wealth of benefits or content marketers looking for  fresh ideas, perspectives, and resources.

For those who are unable to attend the live #Twitter Chats, or who missed previous events, the transcripts contain a treasure trove of ideas, perspectives, and resources waiting for you you to discover them.

How to benefit from the #Twitter Chat transcripts

Here are some of the ways you can benefit from the weekly #Twitter Chats and the transcribed questions and answers from previous events:

The Content Marketing Institute makes it easy to print transcripts of previous #Twitter Chats for offline reading

  1. Short, scannable, expert content. Twitter’s 140-character limit ensures concise, focused responses and commentary. The format is ideal for discovering new content marketing topics and niches. Use them as a “filter” to discover the experts and the topics worthy of further exploration.
  2. Online or offline learning. The transcripts allow you to explore previous #Twitter Chats at your convenience. Although they contain a wealth of information, your eyes can easily locate topics of interest. You can read the transcripts online, or download, save, and (if you’re like me) print them for later offline reading and note-taking.
  3. Locate new experts and influencers. The #Twitter Chats and transcripts offer an efficient way to discover new new experts that you may not presently paying enough attention to. Posting comments during a #Twitter Chat immediately attracts the expert’s attention can be an excellent first-step towards building a relationship with them. (You can easily follow-up later.)
  4. Real-world comments and perspectives. I’ve found that, often, the comments from other attendees are as interesting and rewarding to read as the expert’s responses to the questions asked. These comments provide an experience-based, “man in the street” counterpoint to the Q&A dialog that often stimulates additional contributions by both the guests and other attendees.
  5. Expand your network. Comments made by #Twitter Chat attendees also make it easy to locate other content marketers who share your interest in content marketing. You can easily learn more about attendees by accessing their Twitter profiles. You may even discover interesting content marketing professionals and resources in your area you didn’t know existed.

Productivity tips for content marketing

If you’re interested in ideas and resources for improving your content marketing productivity, I’ll be discussing Productivity Tips for Content Marketers. I’ll be sharing several of my favorite productivity habits, resources, and rituals. Join me and the Content Marketing Institute on Twitter, Tuesday, February 3rd, at 12 Noon to 1:00 PM Eastern. Join the chat by logging into Twitter and entering the #CMWorld hashtag!