Enter Your Best Content In the 2015 Content Marketing Awards

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Enter your best content in the Content Marketing Awards Program, now in its 12th year!Give your content the exposure it deserves by entering it in the 12th annual Content Marketing Awards.

The Content Marketing Awards are presented and owned by the Content Marketing Institute.

The purpose is to recognize and award the best content marketing projects, agencies and marketers in the industry each year. Awards will be presented at the Content Marketing World in September.

75 categories

This year’s Content Marketing Awards includes 75 categories recognizing all aspects of content marketing, from strategy to distribution, from design to editorial.

Primary and secondary categories (partial listing) include:

  • Strategy
  • Distribution
    • Social Media
    • Video
    • Publication by Industry
  • Editorial
  • Design

There’s even an Agency of the Year award!

To find the best “fit” for your favorite content, visit the Content Marketing Awards/Categories page for more information about each of the 75 categories.

Open for entries now!

Entries are currently being accepted. The deadline is May 1, 2015. The Early Bird deadline is March 27th.

Full entry information is available at the Content Marketing Awards site. You can also access a list of Content Marketing Award winners for 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014.

Meet the judges

While you’re at the Content Marketing Awards site, check-out the credentials of the more than 60 judges who will be participating in this year’s awards. Check out their clients, their publications, and their years of experience in content marketing! The list is alphabetical, so you’ll have to scroll down to find my name, but I’m pleased to be participating in the judging this year!

Ann Handley to share her experiences writing Everybody Writes

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Learn how Ann Handley wrote her Everybody Writes bestseller shown in this Mindjet MindManager mind mapGet a fresh perspective on writing for results when I interview Ann Handley, author of Everybody Writes: Your Go-To Guide to Creating Ridiculously Good Content.

Ann Handley will share writing strategies and tips and how she planned and wrote her bestselling content marketing book on Tuesday, March 10, at 4 PM Eastern.


Ann is the Chief Content Officer of the Marketing Profs.

The Marketing Profs offers real-world education for modern marketers through training, best practices,  research, and other content.  (Select Topics from the menu, or scroll down to the footer for more details.)

Learn more about Everybody Writes

Here are are a couple of ways you can familiarize yourself with Ann Handley’s Everybody Writes before our interview on Tuesday, March 10:

  • Learn more about Everybody Writes at Amazon.com. Be sure to click the Look Inside icon attached to the book cover and check out the 70+ Reader Reviews.
  • Explore a Mind Map of Everybody Writes. You can explore a Mindjet mind map of Everybody Writes online at Biggerplate.com. Or, if you’re a Mindjet MindManager user, you can download the map and use it to take notes during our call or while reading Everybody Writes.

Everybody Writes is not just another writing book!

When I initially wrote about Everybody Writes in in an earlier blog post, I emphasized that it’s “not just another book about writing:”

Everybody Writes is more than just another book about writing. It’s a book with its origins in content marketing. It’s a follow-up to her co-authored pioneering book, Content Rules: How to Create Killer Blogs, Podcasts, Videos, Ebooks (And More) That Engage Customers and Ignite Your Business, which continues to be a bestselling content marketing title.

How to attend my interview with Ann Handley

All Published and Profitable friends and members are interviewed to join my interview with Ann Handley on Tuesday, March 10, at 4 PM Eastern. There is no charge to attend. Simply dial 605-475-6150 and enter PIN 513391. You’re encouraged to call in early and say hello.  There will be an opportunity for you to ask Ann Handley questions, or you can submit questions ahead of time, as comments, below.

Scott Aughtmon Shares His Content Marketing Pivots & Lessons

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Scott Aughtmon shares his path to content marketing and ebook publishing success during this recorded Published and Profitable author thought leader interviewIn this interview, Scott Aughtmon shares the Pivots and lessons they taught on his journey to content marketing success.

Pivots, a term popularized in a Content Marketing Institute Podcast Series, are career and business turning points. Pivots occur when a challenge appears, an action is taken, and lessons are learned.

Scott Aughtmon's 51 Content Marketing Hacks offers relevent and helpful ideas, examples, and strategiesIn the latest Published and Profitable Author Thought Leader interview, Scott Aughtmon discussed the 5 Pivots that changed his career and his business, and the lessons they taught him.

Scott’s lessons can help any author or content marketer who wants to:

By listening to our recorded interview, you’ll find out:

  • Where Scott learned to write for results and the authors and books that helped him the most.
  • How to approach and convince contributors so you can publish an ebook with minimum writing.
  • Why guest blogging is such an important content marketing tool.
  • and much more.

Click the image to download a copy of a Pivot note-taking sheet to use listening to Scott Aughtmon's content marketing journey interviewValuable bonus

To help you make the most of this valuable Author Thought Leader interview with Scott Aughtmon, you can download a free Note-taking Worksheet while listening.

Use the worksheet to jot down ideas about the Pivot (or challenge), Scott’s Action (or response), and the Lessons it teaches.

You can also use this worksheet when evaluating your own career Pivots or the key turning points in your firm’s history.

Another Pivot resource

If you’re interested in Pivots and want to learn more about their role in your career or firm’s history, you can learn more and download another Pivot worksheet included in my recent Content Marketing Institute Blog post, Worksheet: Turn Your Pivot Points into Stories for Better Content Marketing.

Share your comments

After listening to my recorded Pivots and the Lessons They Teach, you’re invited to share your impressions and takeaways about our interview as comments, below. You can also ask any questions you might have about career pivots and the lessons they teach authors and content marketers.

Scott Aughtmon’s Tips to Ramp Up Your Blogs and Ebooks

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Listen as Scott Aughtmon shares the pivots, or turning points, as he became a content marketing author and expertIf you’re a content marketer, you probably recognized “Ramp up” from Scott Aughtmon’s @RampBusinesses Twitter handle.

Scott is a popular contributor to the Content Marketing Institute blog.

He prepared one of their most popular, and widely reprinted, infographics, The Content Marketer’s Essential Guide to the 21 Types of Content We Crave.

View Scott Aughtmon's 21 Types of Content We Crave infographic on the Continent Marketing Institute blogHe also wrote 51 Content Marketing Hacks and a two-volume of compilation of lessons from America’s top marketers.

Join me when I interview with Scott Aughtmon

On Tuesday, February 24, at 4 PM Eastern, I’m interviewing Scott Aughtmon during an exclusive Published & Profitable Author Thought Leader interview.  Scott will share:

  1. His most important career pivots, (turning points), and the lessons they taught as he established himself as an author and content marketing thought leader.
  2. Blogging Tips and Hacks, like 4 Ways to Make Your Marketing More Effective, an example of a story that teaches important lessons.
  3. 2 Ways to Write a book with Minimum Effort–simple, proven, but often-overlooked ideas that can speed your journey to becoming a published author.

You’ll learn the the role that specific blog posts played in his success, like The Content Strategy that Made Justin Bieber a Star.

Join this unique learning opportunity

All Published & Profitable friends and members are invited to Tuesday’s interview with Scott Aughtmon, February 24, from 4 – 5 PM Eastern. To join us, simply dial 605-475-6150 and enter PIN 513391. There will be an opportunity for you to ask Scott questions, or you’re invited to submit them ahead of time, as comments, below.

Scott Aughtmon to Share Content Marketing Pivots & Lessons

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Join a free teleseminar seminar when content marketing author and columnist columnist Scott Aughtmon shares the Pivots, or turning points, in his careerListen as Scott Aughtmon shares the Pivots, or key turning  points, in his career as a popular content marketing authority.

Join me this Tuesday, February 24th, at 4 PM Eastern, when Scott Aughtmon shares lessons he’s learned as an author and guest contributor to blog’s like the Content Marketing Institute Blog.

Content marketers may remember Scott’s “evergreen” article and infographic, 21 Types of Content We Crave which attracted over 102 comments!

During the past few years, I’ve been following Scott’s developing voice and the content structure of his blog posts.

Topics we’ll be discussing

During our call, woven into the story of Scott’s career pivots and their lessons, will be ideas and tips you can use for:

  • Choosing topics for content marketing writing that will resonate with your market.
  • Creating a content structure for efficiently articles, blog posts, and ebooks.
  • Scott’s current interest in the “unknown heroes” of content marketing. Many of his recent articles uncover stories of content marketers who were active centuries before content marketing became a part of today’s business vocabulary.
  • Developing a voice that sets your writing apart.
  • Scott’s advice on guest blogging as a way to develop your voice and build a following.

If you’re unfamiliar with the term Pivots, see my recent blog post, Turn Your Experiences into Stories for Content Marketing.

How to join my interview with Scott Aughtmon

All Published & Profitable friends and members are invited to attend next week’s interview with Scott Aughtmon, Tuesday, February 24, from 4 – 5 PM Eastern. To join us, simply dial 605-475-6150 and enter PIN 513391. There will be an opportunity for you to ask Scott questions, or you’re invited to submit them ahead of time, as comments, below.

Turn Your Experiences into Stories for Content Marketing

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Get tips and a worksheet for turning your experiences into stories for better content marketing in my latest Content Marketing Institute postLearn how to turn your experiences into stories for better content marketing using the worksheet found in my latest Content Marketing Institute guest post.

For over three years, I’ve been sharing productivity ideas, checklists, templates, tips, and worksheets to help you save time creating an efficient and  sustainable content marketing program.


My latest article and worksheet were inspired by The Pivot: Marketing Backstories series of weekly podcasts, part of the Content Marketing Institute Podcast Network produced by Pamela Muldoon, Podcast Network Director.

On each week’s The Pivot, host Todd Wheatland interviews a leading content marketer and–in less than 30 minutes–highlights the pivots–or changes in direction–that contributed to content marketing perspective and present success.

The problem with Pivots and turning points…

Often, turning points go by, unnoticed at the time. Their significance, and the lessons and stories are overlooked and soon forgotten.

Usually, you have to dig deep to uncover the important points in your career, or your firm’s history. And, you have to dig even deeper to appreciate the significance and lessons the turning points teach–so you can incorporate them into your content marketing stories.

Equally important, by examining the turning points in your career, you’ll be better able to recognize turning points as they approach, so you can be prepared to take full advantage of them.

3-step process for finding content ideas

As described in the article, harvesting content ideas and creating content marketing stories from significant past events involves:

  1. Identifying the Pivots, or turning points
  2. Analyzing their significance
  3. Sharing by extrapolating the key lessons from the events and turning them into relevant and helpful content

8 simple questions to ask

The downloadable Turning Point Worksheet contains space for you to answer 8 questions which will help you take a deeper look at the turning points in your career or your firm’s history. The article guides you as you address each question.

Share your experiences turning Pivots into content

Have you analyzed the Pivots in your career, or your firm’s history? Were you able to locate previously-unrecognized events and convert them into relevant and personal content marketing stories? Does this process sound like a way to create a more credible bio statement, About page,  or social media profile? Share your comments below, or as comments on my Content Marketing Institute Blog post.

Use the worksheet as a framework for analyzing the turning points in your career or your firm’s history. Print out several copies of the worksheet, and share them with your co-workers. Fill out a different worksheet for each turning point.

You’ll probably notice that Pivots tend to create additional  turning points, helping you identify story opportunities.

In addition to a downloadable worksheet, the article contains

  1. Use the worksheet to take notes during The Pivot podcasts. By being awso you can find the  is unOften, my article and worksheet is intended to help you examine the turning points of your career for story ideas that highlight your accomplishments and your approach to serving your clients, employers, and your prospects.

turning your experiences into stories for better content marketing