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Click the Graphic to download a free copy of the latest version of my #Hashtag TrackerClick the graphic to download the latest version of my Mindjet #Hashtag Tracker mind map.

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Save time and get better results from your social media marketing with the  latest version of my #Hashtag Tracker mind map template.

It contains over 200 Twitter #hashtags suitable for a variety of business, creativity, marketing, writing, and visual thinking topics.

My #Hashtag Tracker builds upon the ideas I introduced in my article on Mindjet’s Conspire blog, part of my Content Dashboard series.

I’ve also included a 3-page PDF of tips and suggestions to help you personalize your #Hashtag Tracker to meet your social media needs.

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Other mind mapping resources for you…

I’ve been encouraging business owners, marketing professionals, and writers use mind mapping to enhance their cultivate their creativity, plan their writing, and schedule their marketing for over ten years.

  • Background. I’ve also consulted with Mindjet on new products. Mindjet  publishes MindManager, used in the majority of Fortune 500 corporations. I’ve also  contributed to their blog and presented numerous webinars for them.
  • Recognition. One of my recent mind maps won Mindjet’s Spring 2012 Mappies award.
  • Resources. One of my early reports, Mind Mapping for Marketers & Writers,  played an instrumental role in introducing mind mapping to tens of thousands of newcomers. Published & Profitable members can download several mind mapping templates.
  • Training. Throughout the year, I offer both in-person and online training in mind mapping for marketing and writing.

Use my online form to learn more and ask me your questions about mind mapping.