Get fast design feedback on your marketing materials

Get personalized advice and feedback on projects like ads, book covers, brochures, ebooks, flyers, newsletters, one sheets, website incentives, & white papers!

Let me breathe new life into your design projects before you press print or send.

Fast turnaround ideas and tips

I can show you how to take your marketing materials to the next level by providing a fresh perspective, qualified advice, plus detailed comments & suggestions.

Details count!

As I’ve proved over and over again, since I wrote my first book, Looking Good in Print, a series of relatively simple design changes can add up to a huge difference in your project’s readability, impact, and ability to project a unique, professional, brand-building image.

Learn how small improvements make a big difference!

Marketing success is based on mastering the details of both copy and layout

My background combines the instincts of a graphic designer with the marketing perspective of a lifetime spent writing, marketing, and brand-building.

Because I know both design and copywriting, I can provide you with the detailed feedback, like the detailed comments shown above, to help you take your projects to the next level, so they’ll be easier to read, remember, and respond to.

Contact me via e-mail for information about fast-turnaround advice, detailed comments, and helpful makeover suggestions.

Time after time, your detailed detailed design and copywriting comments have helped me attract higher-quality, pre-qualified prospects!

Gene Paltrineri, Dover, NH