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Bernadette Jiwa Shares Her Marketing Love Story

Posted November 7th @ 6:39 am by Roger C. ParkerPrint

Marketing: A Love Story is Bernadette Jiwa’s latest book of ideas about telling your story and showing how you matter to your customers

Tweeting Blackbeard Uses Design + Story to Create a Memorable Ebook

Posted October 7th @ 6:14 am by Roger C. ParkerPrint

Doug Eymer’s Tweeting Blackbeard uses design plus story create a memorable ebook of business tips

DoodleeBooks Is Your Chance to Support Tomorrow’s Authors and Writers

Posted June 21st @ 6:28 am by Roger C. ParkerPrint

Supporting the DoodleeBooks iPad app on Kickstarter helps kids read, draw, and share their stories

Discover Your Difference with Bernadette Jiwa’s Help

Posted May 26th @ 5:34 pm by Roger C. ParkerPrint

Discover your difference with the help of Bernadette Jiwa’s bestselling Difference

Help for Presenters and Speakers This Week

Posted May 12th @ 12:56 pm by Roger C. ParkerPrint

Learn more about storytelling, presenting, and public speaking during Published & Profitable’s interviews with Carmine Gallo and Dan Roam.

Nancy Duarte’s Slidedocs Shares a New Way to Tell Your Story

Posted March 11th @ 6:37 am by Roger C. ParkerPrint

Nancy Duarte’s Slidedocs, written entirely in PowerPoint, offers a new way for authors, organizations, and content marketers to tell your story

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