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Design’s Role in Book Marketing Success

Posted April 17th @ 12:03 am by Roger C. ParkerPrint

Discover design’s role in book marketing when Roger C. Parker interviews Barry Feldman, co-author of The Road to Recognition: The A-to-Z Guide to Personal Branding for Accelerating Your Professional Success in the Age of Digital Media.

Barry Feldman’s Top Ten 2016 Content Marketing Posts

Posted March 13th @ 1:23 am by Roger C. ParkerPrint

Barry Feldman’s Top Ten 2016 blog posts contain hundreds of content marketing examples, ideas, suggestions, and tips.

Can Your Book Pass This Simple Test? {Infographic}

Posted April 23rd @ 3:50 pm by Roger C. ParkerPrint

Ann Handley’s Writing GPS infographic provides a visual road map that shows the value of Everybody Writes

How to achieve content marketing balance and harmony

Posted December 16th @ 6:37 am by Roger C. ParkerPrint

“What is Content Harmony?” manifesto concisely displays the 3 keys to a balanced content marketing program.

26 Rules for Visual Marketing Success

Posted June 11th @ 3:17 am by Roger C. ParkerPrint

Stephanie Diamond shares 26 rules for social media success in her Visual Marketing Revolution

Graphic Tips | How to Show a 7-step Content Marketing Strategy

Posted April 29th @ 6:47 am by Roger C. ParkerPrint

Tips for using graphics to communicate a process like a 7 step content Marketing strategy

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