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Anne Janzer’s Writing and Self-Publishing Advice

Posted June 22nd @ 4:24 pm by Roger C. ParkerPrint

Anne Janzer shares her Writer’s Process writing and self-publishing lessons {interview recording and transcript}

Why It’s Time to Rearrange Your Writing Bookshelf {Author Interview}

Posted June 12th @ 3:45 pm by Roger C. ParkerPrint

Interview with Anne Janzer, author of The Writer’s Process: Getting Your Brain in Gear shares latest brain research

Andrew Davis’s Content Marketing Writing Tips

Posted June 6th @ 6:13 am by Roger C. ParkerPrint

Interview with Andrew Davis’s, his content marketing career, and experiences writing Brandscaping and Town Inc.

David Meerman Scott Shares Key Author Profit Tip During Newsjacking Interview

Posted January 19th @ 6:15 am by Roger C. ParkerPrint

David Meerman Scott interview discussing the power of Newsjacking and how authors can multiply their earning power.

How to Use Newsjacking to Boost Your Content Marketing Creation & Curation

Posted December 14th @ 6:39 am by Roger C. ParkerPrint

Bestselling marketing author David Meerman Scott shares Newsjacking tips for content creation and content curation

Visual Strategy Tips for Content Marketers | Free Call with Jessica Hagy

Posted November 1st @ 5:21 pm by Roger C. ParkerPrint

Free call with Jessica Hagy, author/illustrator of The Art of War to share story

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