Content Marketing Strategy for Authors & Publishers {Webinar}

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Authors and publishers looking for a content marketing strategy to plan, write, promote, and profit from a fiction or nonfiction book are invited to attend tomorrow’s Content Marketing Strategy for Book Marketing Success webinar.

The webinar is hosted by Brian Jud, the founder of Book Marketing Works and the Association of Publishers for Special Sales. The webinar takes place Thursday, March 23, at 6 PM Eastern.

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Blogging a book has gone mainstream!

In this webinar, I’ll be sharing 7 ways that authors and publishers can create a powerful powerful partnership between content marketing and writing. I’ll show you that it’s never too early to begin co-ordinating your writing and content marketing.

I’ll be describing how content marketing helps authors and publishers like you:

  • Build anticipation for your book, leading to a successful book launch
  • Research your ideal readers and find out what they want to know
  • Reduce stress by reducing uncertainty and simplifying a complex project by breaking it into a series of smaller tasks
  • Keep your writing on schedule by syncronizing it with your content marketing
  • Maintain your book’s visibility and create additional profit opportunities long after its publication

The goal is to create a synergy between content marketing and writing a book

During the webinar, I’ll share a 7-step process for using content marketing to promote your book’s success right from the start.

Regardless whether you’re writing your first, or your latest, book, regardless whether it’s fiction or nonfiction, it’s length, and how you intend to publish it, content marketing can play a key role in your book’s success. Content marketing puts you in the driver’s seat, helping you steer your book in the direction of maximum sales and profits.

Equal parts author and marketer

Content Marketing for Authors and Publishers reflects my experiences as a 40-book nonfiction business author, executive book coach, and Top Performing Blogger for the Content Marketing Institute and blogs like the Personal Branding Blog.

It reflects my experiences attending, moderating, and presenting at Content Marketing World and judging one being one of the judging the Content Marketing Awards.

Bonus: After you register for tomorrow’s webinar, download a free copy of my workbook: 99 Questions to Ask before You Start to Write and Publish a Brand-building Book.

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