Barry Feldman’s Top Ten 2016 Content Marketing Posts

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Take advantage of pre-publication savings by ordering Barry Feldman and Seth Price's Road to RecognitionDuring 2016, Barry Feldman’s blog was filled with hundreds of helpful content marketing ideas, tips, and tools. Below are links to Barry’s Top 10 most popular posts.

In addition to completing The Road to Recognition, which he wrote with Seth Price,  Barry is a frequent contributor to leading content marketing blogs like the Content Marketing Institute, Entrepreneur, Hubspot, The Marketing Profs, the Medium, and the Social Media Examiner.

The Road to Recognition: The A-to-Z Guide to Personal Branding for Accelerating Your Professional Success in The Age of Digital Media will appear on April 25. It is currently available from at a special pre-publication price.

Barry’s best…

So, if you missed any of Barry’s best stuff, here are the 10 posts that got the most traffic. Not only do the following contain priceless information, the posts teach important lessons about headlines, copywriting, search engine optimization, and infographic design.

  1. The Best Copywriters Offer Great Copywriting Secrets. Features insights from 26 of the best marketing writers—and CMI’s Joe Pulizzi.
  2. 125 Quick Tips to Sharpen Your Copywriting Skills. Features a SlideShare so you can take the tips with you.
  3. Types of Branded Content: A Guide to 11 Popular Formats [Infographic]
  4. Your Content Marketing Roadmap: Resources and Tutorials from Feldman Creative. This is actually a microsite with 30 resources for content marketers.
  5. 20 Ideas for Your Website Homepage Content [Infographic].
  6. Content Marketing KPIs: An Easy-to-Understand Overview for the Analytically Challenged.
  7. The Business Blogging Plan: 50 Best Practices. Offers a free eBook
  8. 21 Video Marketing Ideas for Small Business Budgets [Infographic].
  9. What is a Lead Magnet? (And 10 Ways to Quickly Magnify the Size of Your Email List). Offers a free checklist with 50 lead magnet ideas.
  10. The Fast & Simple Way to Increase Your Conversion Rate [Infographic]

Making the most of Barry Feldman’s Top Ten Posts

Avoid the temptation to try read all of the posts in one sitting. Instead, approach these information-rich posts in a systematic way. For example:

  • Prioritize. Instead of reading the post in the order they appear, above, identify the posts which offer the most immediate utility and read them first.
  • Pace yourself. Because of the information density in the posts, I wouldn’t address more than one topic a day.
  • Use your favorite idea tracking tool, such as MindManager or Evernote, to take notes and record URL’s and other linked sources to come back to later.
  • Use the posts as a training tool. Share the list with your staff, including key freelancers, and discuss the posts during part of your weekly department meetings.

Most important, visit The Road to Recognition website and download the special ebook offer. That way, Barry and Seth can keep you informed as the Road to Recognition’s publication date approaches. And, if I may ask, please share your favorite posts and impressions as comments, below!

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