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If you’re considering writing or self-publishing a book, you’ll find a wealth of ideas and tips in Anne Janzer’s experiences shared in the recording and transcript of our recent interview.

During a recent Published & Profitable interview, Anne Janzer, candidly shared her experiences and the lessons she learned writing and self-publishing The Writer’s Process: Getting Your Brain in Gear.

The Writer’s Process offers fresh insights, based on the latest cognitive psychology research into how a writer’s brain either works with them, or against them.

Last year, Anne Janzer successfully wrote and published her first book, Subscription Marketing: Strategies for Nurturing Customers in a World of Churn.

Highlights from my interview with Anne Janzer

During the recorded interview, Anne was very candid as she described her writing process. Highlights of the recording and transcript include:

  • First versus second books
  • Free writing and writing to discover
  • Drafting versus writing
  • Writing versus publishing
  • The role of blogging in book publishing
  • Finding the time to write and publish
  • How writing may change you and your business
  • The independent publisher’s mindset

During the interview, Anne shared a timeline of her activities. The timeline extends from the completion of her first book right up to the present. Although I’ve written over 40 books, I learned a lot from the interview. In fact, I’ve already started to integrate some of her ideas into my present publishing activities.

How to access the interview recording and transcript

Whether you prefer listening or reading, there is no charge for accessing either of the options described below:

Next steps

If you like what you hear or see, here are some additional resources to consider:

After listening to the recording or reading the transcript, Anne and I welcome your comments and questions. Add your comments below, or add them to Anne Janzer’s blog or her Contact Form.

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