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Click the image to hear content marketing expert Andrew Davis, Brandscaping author, share valuable career and writing advice.

Even if you were unable to attend last week’s interview with Andrew Davis, you can still listen to one of the most interesting interviews of the past few years.

Andrew provided a timeline of his career as an “endlessly curious” reader, the lessons he learned from his network television work with the Muppets and the Today show, and his agency’s pioneering experiences with content marketing.

These experiences prepared the groundwork for his Brandscaping: Unleashing the Power of Partnerships. Content marketers and authors will enjoy his candor as he described the deadline he was given–not negotiated–and how he met it.

Learn more about Brandscaping: Unleashing the Power of Partnerships at where you’ll find videos, excerpts, and other resources. In addition to the details about the book, the website from both a content and design point of view is a state-of-the-art example of the type of web sites that readers are looking for today.

From there, Andrew described the question that prompted him to write next book, Town Inc: Grow Your Business. Save Your Town. Leave Your Legacy. During his travels, he often noticed how cities and towns of approximately the same size, sometimes just 12 miles apart, were sharing radically different futures:

  • Town A might be enjoying economic prosperity, a busy downtown, and an enviable quality of life.
  • Town B, just a few miles away, however, might be in obvious decline, with declining population, vacant buildings, and a diminishing quality of life.

Andrew began studying the phenomenon, trying to isolate the variables–which he found were occurring throughout all regions of the United States.

Town Inc. is a book he wrote to inspire citizen activists to examine their town’s future and to play a role in breathing new life into their town based on the key variables he identified. This is a totally different book: it’s not an urban planning book, it’s not a geography book, and its free from the jargon and politics that characterize so many books about America’s towns and cities.

Instead, Town Inc. is a book anyone who cares can read and come away inspired about their town’s future.

Learn more about Town Inc. at

Note: Andrew Davis will be playing an active role at Content Marketing World in Cleveland. His scheduled events include:

Please share your comments and questions after you have listened to the interview recording.

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