Free Twitter #Hashtag Tracker Drives Blog Post Traffic

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Discover how Twitter #Hashtags can promote your content and attract new followers.

Click the image to download this free Mindjet MindManager Twitter #Hashtag Tracker mind map template. It contains over 450 Twitter #hashtag links for you to explore.

Use #hashtags to build your list, attract new followers, and discover others to follow.

How #hashtags can boost your online visibility

#Hashtags help you target your marketing messages to those who are looking for content like yours. They can help you:

  • Attract new followers. Include #hashtags when when promoting articles, blog posts, and upcoming events on Twitter. Use them when Replying and ReTweeting others. Use them to attract the attention of others who are looking for specific topics. Use them to boost attendance at your events.
  • Locate new influencers. Discover new sources of ideas, tactics, and tips. Save time by locating subject area experts and respected thought leaders in each area. Search for Twitter #hashtags targeting different writing and marketing-related topics. Gain greater access to more information and build lasting relationships with thought leaders.

Immediate access to specific topics and tasks within categories

You can for broad topics, like #business, #marketing, #writing, and #visualthinking. Or, you can dig deeper and search for specific ideas, tasks, and topics associated within each category.

Working with a large mind map

The first thing to do after downloading and opening the Twitter #Hashtag Tracker mind map is to select the center topic, and collapse it. The easiest way to do this is to use the Windows CTRL+D keyboard shortcut. At this point, you can breathe easier because all that’s visible are the 12 primary topics, i.e., #Business, #Marketing, #VisualThinking, #Psychology, etc.

From this perspective, we can see how mindmap topics logically relate to each other, making it easy to locate desired information.

Step 1: Locating #Hashtags

To better understand how topics relate to each other, let’s explore #marketing #hashtag.

Select the #marketing topic by clicking on it, then expand it by clicking the + sign.

The #marketing topic expands, revealing 14 subtopics related to marketing, each with its own #hashtag.

Each time you expand one of the 14 subtopics, it  reveals more resources for you to explore.

Step 2: Select the contentmarketing #hashtag

For example, let’s explore the various subtopics associated with #contentmarketing.

When you select it, 7 content marketing #hashtag categories appear, i.e., #blogging, #branding, etc.

Numbers follow some of the #hashtags. These numbers display the number of other #hashtags associated with the topic.

Note: when you create #hashtags, do not include spaces between words. Only the first word counts.

Step 3: Explore with greater precision

To dig deeper, let’s assume you’re looking for #hashtags appropriate for promoting a blog post you recently created or curated. Select the #content #hashtag. This will reveal 14 #hashtags for content related topics.

The ability to target specific topics can enhance the effectiveness of your content. The more specific you are, the more likely your content will resonate with your readers. This will pay off by increasing your followers. Using the appropriate #hashtags also makes it more likely to be noticed by the content creation or curation leaders you’re looking for.

Leveraging what you’ve just learned

The above provides just an example of how much easy-to-access on a mind map.

I created the example with Mindjet’s MindManager. MindManager has been the most popular mind mapping software program for several years.

Mindjet offers MindManager for smartphones, iPhones, Macs, and Windows computers.

If you’re new to mind mapping…

Discover for yourself how easy it is to manage ideas and information in a visual environment.

  1. Download the free 30-day trial version of Mindjet’s MindManager.
  2. Then, download  the #Hashtag Tracker Mind Map template. Download the template from Biggerplate, the world’s largest library of mind mapping templates

Working with the Twitter #Hashtag Tracker as an example, you’ll become comfortable navigating a mind map by selecting topics to expand or collapse. You’ll also be able to adding and deleting #hashtag topics and dragging them from location to location.

Contact me for additional mindmapping resources and training.

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