Content Marketing Creativity from an Artist’s Point of View

Posted May 9th @ 5:44 pm by Roger C. ParkerPrint

At a time when the role of content marketing creativity, craftsmanship, and strategy are being discussed in blogs and podcasts like Jay Acunzo’s Unthinkable.FM and Jason Miller’s The Miles Davis Approach to Content Marketing Strategy, I was reminded of the words of photorealism painter Richard Estes, quoted in Richard Estes’ Realism:

I think the popular concept of the artist is as a person who has this great passion and enthusiasm and super emotion. He just throws himself into this great masterpiece and collapses from exhaustion when it’s finished. It’s really not that way at all. Usually, it’s a pretty calculated, sustained, and slow process by which you develop something. The effect can be one of spontaneity, but that’s part of the artistry.

I think the real test is to plan something and be able to carry it out to the very end. Not that you’re always enthusiastic. It’s just that you have to get the thing out. It’s not done with one’s emotions; it’s done with the head.

As someone who has been inspired by Richard Estes’s paintings throughout most of my life, I find both inspiration and peace in his words.

The context of the words

What’s fascinating about Richard Estes’ paintings, as you can explore in the above book, or at numerous locations online) is the relevance of his words in the context of the intricacy of his images, which often include reflections and reflections of reflections.

  • What is his message to you?
  • How do you feel about his words?
  • What is he saying about deadlines versus “minimal viable product” and topics like “getting it shipped?”
  • Is content marketing a form of art?
  • What do these words mean to you, if you’re an author writing a book?

Share your comments below. Is this a content marketing creativity or productivity topic you’d like to see addressed more often from an artistic points of view?

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