How Newsjacking Lead to Content Marketing Success

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One of the Content Marketing Institute’s most popular SlideShare presentation was based on one of my guest posts–a success I now credit to David Meerman Scott’s Newsjacking.

Click the image to view the SlideShare presentation based on my post, 12 Months of Content Marketing Ideas for SlideShare Presentations which appeared February 19, 2013.

For two years, it was the Content Marketing Institute’s most viewed SlideShare presentation.

And, out of the Content Marketing Institute’s 135 SlideShare presentations, it’s still their 8th most popular!

Only recently, however, do I recognize the role that David Meerman Scott’s Newsjacking played in the article and presentation.

I now realize that I was an “Inadvertent Newsjacker.”

My success was based on techniques that David Meerman Scott described in his 1911 Newsjacking ebook!

Newsjacking was the catalyst

After watching David’s recently-released Mastering Newsjacking video training program, I suddenly realized that Joe Pulizzi’s Feb. 2, 2013 blog post, 24 Top Content Marketing Questions Answered in Less than 140 Characters, was the catalyst that inspired me to write my original post, which appeared on two weeks later.

In his post, Joe Pulizzi, the Content Marketing Institute’s founder, called SlideShare, “the most underutilized content distribution tool—and it’s not even close!”

Joe’s words were my catalyst to action.

I had recently discovered SlideShare, thanks to Todd Wheatland’s game-changing book, The Marketer’s Guide to SlideShare:  How to Build Your Brand, Generate Leads, and Create Opportunities.

I was so impressed by how Todd’s book showed me how I could leverage my PowerPoint skills and existing content to reach a new audience that I immediately reviewed it on Amazon and followed up with several posts on SlideShare topics:

  1. Step-by-Step Guide to Marketing Success with SlideShare. review, September 28, 2012.
  2. 11 Ways to Use SlideShare for Content Marketing Success. Content Marketing Institute, October 26, 2012, relates SlideShare to 4 stages of author publishing success.
  3. Why SlideShare is a Content Marketing GameChanger for Authors.  This Published & Profitable post shares specific tips for using SlideShare to sell more books. October 29, 2012.
  4. Content Marketing Checklist: 22 To-Dos for SlideShare Success, Content Marketing Institute post contains 2-page presentation content and design checklist. November 16, 2012.

At the same time, of course, others were writing about SlideShare’s marketing power, notably Greg Ciotti’s fine 10 SlideShare Strategies that Will Boost Your Content’s Value.

Newsjacking turned interest into action

But, it wasn’t until I read Joe Pulizzi’s words, the most underutilized content distribution tool,” that my interest turned to passion!

Joe’s words were the catalyst I needed; they challenged me to ask myself, “Why aren’t more content marketers taking advantage of SlideShare?”

This lead me to explore the underlying causes. This lead to the conclusion, “a lack of content ideas!”

A lack of content strategy and content ideas is the usual cause of procrastination, lost opportunities, and last-minute frustration and stress.

Once I had identified the problem, the solution, 12 Months of Content Marketing Ideas for SlideShare, immediately occurred to me because it provided a year-long formula, or content strategy, for monthly blog posts and SlideShare presentations.

The big lesson…

Newsjacking works–even when you’re not aware it’s working!

Instead of trying to recreate the wheel with fresh content, do what David Meerman Scott shared in our recent interview, Newsjacking Tips for Authors and Content Marketers:

  • Start each day with a cup of coffee, reading every page of the top national newspapers and checking the trending topics on Google, Twitter, and elsewhere.
  • Look for breaking news stories where you may be able to inject your firm’s story into the topic in a helpful, relevant way.
  • Take immediate action; act sooner, rather than later. Be the first, and be scrupulously prompt in responding to comments and media requests for more information.

The only thing I can add to David’s advice is:

  • Be on the lookout for words and phrases that challenge you, or arouse your curiosity and passion for solving problems and helping others.

My pulse rate increased when I read Joe Pulizzi’s words, “SlideShare is the most underutilized content distribution tool — and it’s not even close!”

Joe’s words galvanized me into action. I hope you will allow yourself, or train yourself, to be constantly on the lookout for similar catalytic moments.

David Meerman Scott’s Mastering Newsjacking can be the missing link in your content marketing strategy.

I encourage you to share your Newsjacking questions or content marketing success stories below, as comments!

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