How to Use Newsjacking to Promote Your Book

Posted January 25th @ 6:30 am by Roger C. ParkerPrint

David Meerman Scott’s blog post the day after President Obama’s 2016 State of the Union Speech shows how to use Newsjacking to promote your book or latest content.

Click the image to visit David’s original blog post and observe how David skillfully discusses the context and contents of President Obama’s speech, which he calls “a communications triumph.”

America’s Next Moonshot

In the next section, however, David picks up on one of the President Obama’s best lines in the speech and uses it to build a bridge between the State of the Union address and Marketing the Moon: The Selling of the Apollo Lunar Program that he co-authored with Richard Jurek.

Success involves bridging, not selling

Notice that David doesn’t “sell” Marketing the Moon; he merely describes it.

He subtly promotes his book by drawing a parallel between the need in the 1960′s to build public support for the Apollo Lunar Program and the equally important need to build similar public support for a “program of discovery” to cure cancer.

Newsjacking in a nutshell

A careful reading of David Meerman Scott’s blog post, and the links to recordings and transcripts of President Obama’s State of the Union Speech, provides an excellent introduction to the power of  Newsjacking.

As a bonus, while you’re there, be sure to read the comments and David’s responses to them. They contain good examples of dealing with alternative viewpoints. 

Afterwards, you may want to visit David’s Mastering Newsjacking site where you can learn more, download a Newsjacking infographic, and review the course contents and the way the various lessons build on each other.

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As always, I welcome your comments and questions!


  1. David Meerman Scott
    January 25, 2016

    Roger, Thanks for noticing this! You skillfully showed what I did — the good news is that any author can use newsjacking in this way.

  2. Roger C. Parker
    January 25, 2016

    Thank you, David.
    The more I study your examples and your Mastering Newsjacking video training, the more opportunities I discover. It’s an exciting journey!

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