The Power of Serial Content Marketing Blog Posts in Action

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Click here to view the power of serialized content marketing blog posts in action.

In her Marketing Mentor blog post, And the Content Marketing Continues, Ilise Benun described how designer Jill Anderson created a fine blog post series, Applying the 7 Principles of Design to WordPress.

Jill’s series is one of the best examples I’ve seen of the ideas I shared in my July Content Marketing Institute guest post, How to Turn 1 Idea into 2 Months of Content Marketing (and more!).

Serial content best practices for blogging

I encourage you to visit Jill Anderson’s posts if you’re interested viewing an excellent examples of the series approach to content marketing, in addition to the fine copywriting and graphic design tips  found in her series.

For example, as you can see from the above illustration which accompanied her kick-off post on September 16, 2015,  Good design isn’t an accident…, Jill used a relatively small, but memorable, story-telling graphic.

In the first paragraph of her first post, Jill engagingly describes the design philosophy she shares during the blog posts that follow. In her words:

…good design means creating visual interest to engage the viewer, and, most importantly, effectively communicating the message.

The text that follows contains just 228 words, but it does job an excellent job of building anticipation for the posts that follow. Her writing also communicates that she is the type of designer you would probably enjoy working with as your long term design partner.

Maintaining consistency in future posts

Jill’s posts that follow also have important lessons to teach (beyond the design principles they share).

  • Consistency. Each of the blog posts is accompanied by an introductory image that communicates the topic covered as well as the post’s sequence in the series. Each of the graphics is the same size, and shares a compatible color palette.
  • Concise text. Each of the posts uses the minimum amount of text. The bulk of the message is communicated in curated visual examples. What I particularly like is that each of the posts concludes with a bullet list of tips describing how you can use to put the design principle in your blog.
  • Large graphics. By keeping text to a minimum, there’s space in each blog post to include curated design examples large enough to be useful. The text accompanying each graphic summarizes the principle at work also contains a link to the blog post where the example can be found.
  • Navigation. Another user-friendly touch reflected in this blog series is the links provided to previous posts in the series. This permits newcomers to the series to easily review earlier posts. Jill also concludes each post with an invitation to readers to share other examples of the particular design technique discussed in the blog.

Clearly, Jill Anderson’s Applying the 7 Principles of Design to WordPress is a blog post series worth studying in detail if you are interested in exploring the benefits of serializing your blog post content. You can link to Jill’s previous posts from her latest post.

Thanks to Published & Profitable friend Ilise Benun for highlighting this compelling example of serial blog post content in her blog.  You can listen to my interview with Ilise when she shared Proposal Writing and Pricing Tips for Creatives.

To learn more putting serial content marketing…

As a follow up to my first post, I shared 3 downloadable worksheets in a later Content Marketing Institute blog post, 3-Step Action Plan With Worksheets for 2 Months of Blog Posts.

Do you have any questions about serialized content?

Are you currently using serial content marketing techniques to organize your blogging workflow? Or are you exploring the opportunities that serial content offers you? Share your questions and concerns below, as well as any other examples of serial content that you may have may have encountered.

Email me to learn more about how I can help you and your marketing team choose topics for your serial content marketing program!

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