Behind the Scenes at the Content Marketing Institute with Joe Pulizzi’s Content Inc.

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Are you looking for a road map for content marketing success? Joe Pulizzi’s Content Inc. shares the Content Marketing Institute’s 8-step content strategy.

In Content Inc., subtitled, How Entrepreneurs Use Content to Build Massive Audiences and Create Radically Successful Businesses, Joe details each step of the Content Marketing Institute’s content-driven strategy, and shows how the same strategy has driven the success of other leading businesses.

Nothing held back

In a conversational tone, backed-up with specific examples, references, and resource links, Joe Pulizzi shares:

  • The crucial difference between the Content Inc. formula and traditional entrepreneurial approaches
  • Specific lessons, tactics, and tips for each of Content Inc.’s 8-steps
  • Examples, case studies, and commentary from trusted content marketing and social media leaders like:
    • Ann Handley, Chief Content Officer at the Marketing Profs
    • Michael Stelzner founder, the Social Media Examiner
    • Jay Baer from Convince and Convert
    • Daren Rowse from ProBlogger and the Digital Photography School
    • Brian Clark, Copyblogger’s founder (who also wrote Content Inc.’s Foreword)

There are also numerous inspiring case studies and examples from successful content-driven entrepreneurial start-ups like:

Content Inc shares more than just “good news”

One of the most refreshing aspects of Content Inc., (other than its conversational tone and short, focused chapters and numerous illustrations) is its candor.

Content Inc., shares the lessons learned it learned along the way. It shares the disappointments, occasional learning curves, and the wasted effort that it and other start-ups learned the hard way.

The Content Inc. formula didn’t occur in a flash of inspiration; it was the result of learning by doing, then analyzing the results. It resulted from a continuing refinement and self-improvement, along with disciplined management tactics like purposeful leadership, delegation, and project management.

Part 3: The Content Tilt

Although I have underlined, later reread, and visited resources from every one of the 24 chapters in Content Inc’s, I consider Part 3: The Content Tilt to be worth the price of admission.

If you’re really pressed for time, the three chapters in Part 3 will provide enough of a fresh perspective to get you started, until you have time to read the remaining chapters in greater detail. The 3 chapters are:

  • Chapter 5: Understanding the Power of the “Tilt,” pages 55 to 63
  • Chapter 6: Discovering Your Content Mission, pages 65 to 71
  • Chapter 7: Ways to Unearth Your Content Tilt, pages 73-82

How to learn more about Joe Pulizzi’s Content Inc.

View or download a mind map of Content Inc. The mind map provides an at-a-glance view of Content Inc.’s content strategy, and the range of topics it covers. Plus, if you’re a Mindjet MindManager user, you can use the mind map as a template to take notes while you’re reading Content Inc.

Attend a free Content Inc. interview with Joe Pulizz next week.

As part of Published & Profitable’s continuing series of author thought leader interviews with bestselling nonfiction authors and marketing leaders, I’ll be discussing Content Inc. with Joe Pulizzi on Tuesday, September 29, at 4 PM Eastern.

All Published & Profitable friends and members are invited to attend. There is no charge to attend.

To join us, dial 605-475-6150 and enter PIN 513391. There will be an opportunity to ask Joe Pulizzi questions about Content Inc. message or his experiences writing Content Inc. at the end of the call. You can also submit them ahead of the time as comments, below. Hope you can join us!

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