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Click the image to view mind map showing the Content Marketing Institute’s strategy shared in Joe Pulizzi’s bestelling business book Content Inc.

In the past, entrepreneurs would create a product and then try to find customers.

Content Inc. describes a better alternative

Joe Pulizzi has turned the typical entrepreneurial journey–one that rarely succeeded–upside down.

Subtitled, How Entrepreneurs Use Content to Build Massive Audiences and Create Radically Successful Businesses, Content Inc. describes a simpler, more practical example based on a simple 3-step process:

  1. Develop valuable content.
  2. Build an audience around that content.
  3. Create products and services for that audience.

What the mind map reveals…

The mind map of Joe Pulizzi’s Content Inc., reveals a 24-chapter book divided into the 8 step steps that guided the success of the Content Marketing Institute–and countless other highly-successful firms that followed the same process. The 8  steps include:

Part 1: Starting the Journey. The first two chapters discuss the importance of beginning with the end in mind, and the importance of taking the time to content model to drive your firm’s success.

Part 2: The Sweet Spot. The next two chapters is based on identifying the intersection of your unique knowledge or skill area and your passion. For larger corporations and established businesses, Joe offers an alternative approach.

Part 3: The Content Tilt. The three chapters in the next step of the Content Inc. model include numerous examples of firms in different fields that have adopted a content-driven approach. If you’re a marketing professional, you’ll undoubtedly recognize many of the examples shared in this section. In this section, I especially enjoyed the “Set Up Listening Posts” idea, and the different ways to test the effectiveness of various content tilts.

Part 4:  Building the Base. While viewing, or after downloading Content Inc.’s mind map, you’ll may be struck–like I was–by the difference between Joe Pulizzi’s book and many other content marketing books. Specifically, the weakness of many competing books is that they begin with building the base, rather than addressing the planning steps that should precede building the base. Part 4 contains four chapters; my favorite was Chapter 9, Content Ideation.

Significantly, rather than creating a platform before you’re ready, Content Inc. emphasizes the steps you should take before you select a platform, create a content calendar, and staff your content marketing resources.

Part 5: Harvesting Your Audience. The four chapters in Part 5 address topics that undermine the success of firms who create good content, but fail to fine-tune their message and optimize their results. Highlights of this section for me include Chapter 15, Building for Findability, Chapter 16, with the provocative title Stealing Audience, and Chapter 17, Social Media Integration.

Parts 6, 7, and 8:  Diversification, Monetization, and Next-level Content Inc. I’ve grouped the seven chapters in this section together because–unfortunately–many firms fail to optimize the foundation (described in the previous Parts) needed to move beyond the “basic, ” or “survival” stage. The information in these chapters, however, will be appreciated by firms who already have a strong content marketing foundation.

Why a mind map of Content Inc.?

I’m often asked questions like,

The reason I’ve created and shared so many mind maps of bestselling business, content marketing, and writing books is that creating the mind maps with Mindjet’s MindManager helps me get a better understanding of each book’s content structure.

The mind maps also help me better understand the structure of the types of nonfiction books desired by today’s readers.

I create the mind maps using Mindjet’s MindManager and post them online at Biggerplate, the largest mind mapping community. It’s free member library contains thousands of mind maps and templates viewed and downloaded for use with all brands of mind mapping software.

  • If you’re currently a MindManager user, you can download the mind map of Joe Pulizzi’s Content Inc., and use it to take notes while reading. You’ll find mind mapping far superior than underlining, plus you can insert links to resources you want to explore later.
  • If you’re not currently a MindManager user, you can view the mind map online before buying Joe Pulizzi’s Content Inc.  This will give you a much better understanding of the book’s content structure than simply viewing the table of contents online.
  • If you currently use a different mind mapping software program, you may be pleased to find that your present software may be capable of importing Mindjet’s MindManager software. (Consult your program’s documentation.)

Coming soon…

An exclusive interview with Joe Pulizzi, Content Inc.’s author!

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