LinkedIn Expert’s Tips for Improving Your LinkedIn Profile

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Your LinkedIn profile plays a “make or break” role in your LinkedIn marketing success.

The effectiveness of your profile determines whether or not prospective agents, clients, employers, influencers, and readers decide to read on–or click away.

Learn more about the building blocks and best practices of LinkedIn Profile Success by attending today’s free Published and Profitable Author Thought Leader interview call.

This afternoon at 4 Eastern, Linked Into Business expert, Viveka von Rosen, author of LinkedIn Marketing: An Hour a Day,  when she shares Practical Tips for LinkedIn Profile Success.

Viveka’s also a frequently contributes articles about LinkedIn for business topics for the Social Media Examiner.

You’ll gain fresh insights into why your LinkedIn marketing plays an increasingly important role in your marketing success.

Why you’ll want to attend today’s call

This afternoon’s call offers you a unique opportunity to get a fresh perspective on your profile’s effectiveness from a internationally known LinkedIn expert, speaker, and trainer.

–  Fresh perspective. You’ll learn how to take a fresh look at your profile and analyze it’s effectiveness in terms of your LinkedIn marketing goals and objectives.

–  Tips for improving your Profile. Viveka von Rosen will share practical tips for improving your profile by building in “hooks” that will engage your prospective clients and employers  and make them want to learn more.

Don’t take your LinkedIn Profile for taken for granted!

As Viveka recently said,

“The major thing that separates successful LinkedIn users from the rest is that they take their profiles seriously and they continually strive to make them better!”

Attend our call to find out how you to take a fresh look at your LinkedIn profile and and identify the steps you can take to increase its effectiveness.

How to attend our call

  • Our call takes place Tuesday, September 1, at 4 PM Eastern.
  • To join us, simply dial 605-475-6150 and enter PIN 513391.

There’s no charge to attend. Downloadable note-taking sheets and a valuable bonus will be provided. You’re invited to invite your friends and coworkers. There will be an opportunity at the end of the call to ask questions–or you can submit them before the call as comments, below.

Viveka and I hope you can attend!

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