How Influencers Can Help Authors Sell More Books

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The power that influencers can play in selling more books is illustrated by Amy Morin’s recent experience.

Immediately after Rush Limbaugh mentioned her bestselling book, 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do book on the air, leading it to become a Number One seller in several categories and creating a sell-out situation on and Walmart.

Within minutes, out of the hundreds of thousands of books on sale at Amazon, her book’s sales rank was 124!

Click the graphic to read a transcript of Rush Limbaugh’s comments.

This occurred shortly after her book was profiled in the Business Insider, leading to a follow-up discussion.

Backstory: Amy Morin’s virtual blog post success

As you may remember, if you’re a loyal Published and Profitable reader, I’ve frequently written about Amy Morin and the seeming “overnight success.”

If you’re not familiar with Amy’s story, you can get caught up by reading Amy Morin Tells How She Became a Bestselling Author which contains links to previous blog posts and a recording of our interview.

Basically, Amy’s original 675-word blog post was soon viewed by over a million readers (now over 10 million). This lead to a publishing contract for what quickly became a bestselling book.

What’s often overlooked in Amy’s story

What’s omitted from the “short version of the story,” of course, which she shared during our interview is the years of fine-tuning her writing skills by blogging and copywriting for others. This paved the way for her to confidently move forward when her original blog post became a viral marketing success.

Amy Morin’s “Wild and crazy publishing stuff!”

Amy’s latest emails contain two important lessons that I’d like to share:

  1. An openness to new experiences. Although an accomplished blogger and copywriter, Amy had no previous long-form, or book-length, writing experience. Yet, she was open to the challenge of completing her book on an accelerated deadline while continuing to serve her clients. This attitude continues today. For a limited time, her publisher has dropped the price of her ebook for a few days to just $1.99. Yet, her enthusiasm remains, This publishing stuff is far more wild and crazy than I ever imagined!
  2. Continued willingness to share and inspire. The candor that Amy exhibited in our interview remains. After sharing the story of her recent roller-coaster ride to greater sales, she ends her email with these words: Just crazy how one mention from a super influential person can make all the difference in the world. So the moral of my story is never give up promoting your book – even when you feel like you’re treading water – because you never know what could happen!


As of midnight, Sunday, August 10, 2015,  the Amazon Kindle version of Amy Morin’s 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do. I can’t think of any other book that offers as many meaningful insights and actionable perspectives as this!

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