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Are you a content marketer looking for a reading list and concise reviews of the essential best books for content marketing?

The Content Marketing Institute has recently published The Essential #BestBooks Reading List for Content Marketers.

It’s a 58-page compilation of 3 years of my twice-a-year reviews of the best books for content marketers.

Designed for easy reading, you can immediately access the reviews on SlideShare, or you can download them to your computer, tablet, or smartphone for later reading. You can also embed or share them with your co-workers and clients.

Expert advice about all aspects of content marketing

For your convenience, the Content Marketing Institute organized the reviews into 5 key categories.

This reflects my belief that content marketers can benefit ideas from fields far beyond the continent marketing world. The categories include:

  1. Content Marketing & Content Strategy. The 10 books in this category includes my “core” recommendations written by leading content marketers from around the world. Each title reflects its author’s area of specialization.
  2. Writing & Content Creation. The 11 books in this section focus on the challenges involved when writing for content marketing.
  3. Marketing & Branding. Content marketing also involves techniques associated with traditional advertising and marketing, as well as brand building. There are 9 books in this section.
  4. Creative Ideas & Business Inspiration. This is the largest section, with 15 books. The books in this section addresses topics associated with idea management and cultivating creativity-enhancing attitudes and environments.
  5. Processes & Productivity. The 7 books in this section primarily deal with topics that involve psychology. Topics include personal motivation, dealing with procrastination, and focusing on projects until completion.

How to remember more of what you read

To help you remember more of what you read, I’ve also created a bonus list of 7 tips plus a free downloadable Read & Remember worksheet.

Use the worksheet to take notes while reading books and ebooks, no matter where you are.

Although I created the worksheet so you could fill it out by hand, you can also adapt the worksheet to a software-based spreadsheet or mind map.

You can also use the worksheet to help you keep track of ideas for reviewing books on your blog, preparing Reader Reviews, or creating GoodReads recommendations.

Share your reading recommendations

After reading my list of The Essential #BestBooks Reading List for Content Marketers and downloading my Read & Remember worksheet, please share your comments and experiences.

Did I inadvertently overlook a book you think I should have included? And, after you’ve had a chance to download, print, and fill-out a few of my Read & Remember worksheets, let me know if you found it a useful alternative to underlining. Thank you!


  1. Anne
    August 12, 2015

    I love this list, Roger, and am reading my way through the books I didn’t yet have. I’ve just finished Jay Baer’s Youtility (and loved it), and am going through Marketing the Moon by David Meerman Scott. Thanks for all of the recommendations.

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