Content Marketers Turn to a Series Approach to Blogging

Posted July 23rd @ 6:41 am by Roger C. ParkerPrint

Find out why over 2,100 content marketers have Tweeted my article, How to Turn 1 Idea into 2 Months (and More) of Content Marketing.

The article appeared Monday morning on the Content Marketing Institute Blog.

By 11:00 AM, EST, the number of Tweets exceeded 700. As the illustration shows–the number continues to grow.

Help me sustain the momentum!

Why serial content matters

I wrote the article to share the importance of replacing the current content marketing emphasis on “topics” with a serial blog post approach.

Instead of trying to cover a complete topic in a single blog post, serial content allows you to address important topics over a series of related blog posts. As I describe in the original post, the benefits of  serial content include:

  • Greater detail. You can go deeper into important topics when you share the information over 2, or more, blog posts.
  • Synergy. Each blog post not only attracts it’s own readers, but it also directs the reader’s attention to previous blog posts in the series.
  • Anticipation. In addition, each blog posts builds reader anticipation for the next blog post in the series.

The above are just a few of the advantages that serial content content marketers sharing helpful, relevant content in their blog posts.

Blogging a book

Serial content also forms the foundation of blogging a book, i.e., writing the first draft of your book a little at a time, as blog posts which will appear as chapters, or sections of chapters, within your completed book.

Serial content also encourages productivity by breaking a complex project with distant a deadline, i.e., “finish my book by Dec. 15th” with a series of simpler tasks and and weekly deadlines.

Learn more by reading the full article. It also contains examples of series content created using Mindjet’s MindManager mind mapping software. (See the first installment of my 7 Keys to Thought Leadership Success on LinkedIn.)

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