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Listen as content marketer Anne Janzer shares her self-publishing success story in a recorded interview with Roger C ParkerJust click the image to hear content marketer Anne Janzer share her Subscription Marketing self-publishing story in our recent recorded interview.

If you’re a self-employed professional or content marketer looking for ways to build your business and establish yourself as an authority in your field, you’ll enjoy my recent interview with Anne Janzer.

Anne held nothing back during this recorded interview. She candidly describes:

  • Why she wrote Subscription Marketing.
  • How she wrote the first draft and what she did next.
  • The reasons she decided to self-publish her book.
  • Her strategy for obtaining pre-publication quotes.
  • What she budgeted for the project, and her final budget.
  • How long it took before the book began to contribute to her business.
  • and more.

You can learn more about the important lessons from Anne Janzer’s book teaches at her Subscription Marketing Book site and in my two recent posts:

Free resources for writing and self-publishing

Here are some suggested ways you can learn more about content marketing, writing, and self-publishing:

What’s next for you?

What are you going to be doing this summer to improve your content marketing, drive new business, and enhance your image as a published author and thought leader? Anne Janzer’s Subscription Marketing experience is not unique. (And, she is not, and was not, a client–I discovered her through her book).

Download my free writing workbook, 99 Questions to Ask Before You Write and Self-Publish a Brand-Building BookA good starting point for taking action on your dream to become a published writer, is to download my free workbook, 99 Questions to Ask Before You Write and Self-Publish a Brand-building Book.

It’s helped thousands of new writers ask the right questions and create a book proposal and sustainable book marketing plan.

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