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Posted May 29th @ 6:16 am by Roger C. ParkerPrint

David Meerman Scott’s recent post, Still More Top Ten Tips for Incredibly Successful Public Speaking, shows the power of a simple blogging strategy tip.

Serialization, or the idea of building blog post on one, or more, previous blog posts,  is not a new idea.

But, usually, the blogger only provides links to the earlier blog posts.

Proving link value

What sets David Meerman Scott’s blog post apart is the fact that he not only provides links to the earlier posts, but he proves the value of the earlier blog posts by providing a list of their key ideas.

I find the idea startlingly simply–and definitely effective.

The benefits of providing proof

Here’s what I like about the strategy (other than the fact it costs nothing to implement:

  • Reasons to revisit previous posts. The summary of the key ideas in the previous posts not only adds to the value of the current blog post, but provides me with concrete reasons to go back and read the previous posts.
  • Context. The list of key ideas brings me up to speed, and provides a context for the latest Top 10 ideas introduced in the current post.
  • Credibility. There’s a very powerful credibility element in the fact that the original Top 10 blog post came out in 2009—-six years ago! This reinforces David Meerman Scott’s position as an experienced source of speaking and sharing marketing ideas.
  • Pre-sells the next installment. I find there’s almost a hypnotic effect

What I don’t know, and would like to know, is whether or not the addition of the earlier, list-based content contributed additional SEO horsepower to this post, and whether or not it drove significant traffic to the earlier posts.

Perhaps David Meerman Scott might share some insights in a future Web Ink Now blog post!

More David Meerman Scott blogging strategy tips

For more blogging tips based on analyzingDavid Meerman Scott’s blog, see:

What’s your favorite David Meerman Scott blogging tip?

Would David Meerman Scott’s blog tip to use excerpts, rather than just links, work for you when sharing information in a series of blog posts? Please share your concerns and impressions as comments, below. (Thanks to Anne H. Janzer, my next interview guest, for drawing my attention to David’s post.)


  1. David Meerman Scott
    May 30, 2015

    Thanks for this analysis, Roger! In fact, I have seen substantial numbers of people linking from the most recent post to the two older ones. So that shows people are engaged with the older content. I’m already thinking of new installments but will probably wait a year or so.

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