What’s It Like to be a Newly-Minted Content Marketing Author?

Posted May 27th @ 7:34 am by Roger C. ParkerPrint

Content marketing author Anne Janzer will share her experiences writing Subscription Marketing: Strategies for Nurturing Customers in an World of Churn during my next Author Thought Leader call.

Subscription Marketing offers a fresh view of content marketing from an experienced marketer’s point of view.

Join us Tuesday, June 9, at 4:00 PM Eastern.


I discovered Anne Janzer through her participation in the Content Marketing Institute community.

I was pleased to be one of the first to review her book in my article, Subscription Marketing: A Guide to Nurturing Customers and Readers. In it, I stressed Anne Janzer’s clear, concise writing style and the way Subscription Marketing has broad significance beyond the content marketing community.

Subscription Marketing offers a best practices example of the type of unique, practical, high-value book that’s needed in every field.

Topics to be addressed

During the interview, Anne and I will discuss topics like:

  • The journey from planning and writing to promotion (and continued promotion)
  • Organizing ideas and topics in a logical sequence.
  • Finding the time to write a book.
  • Choosing the right publishing option.
  • Obtaining pre-publication quotes from content marketing experts.

Who should attend this live interview?

Whether you’re an entrepreneur exploring ways  to use content to attract and retain customers, or a creative professional looking for ways to write a book to build your brand, you’ll enjoy attending this live interview.

Our call takes place Tuesday, June 4th, at 4 PM Eastern. There is no charge to attend. To join us, dial 605-475-6150 and enter PIN 513391.

There will be an opportunity to ask Anne questions and concerns about content marketing and writing a book to build your personal brand. Note: You’re invited to submit your questions ahead of time, as comments, below.

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