Turn Your Experiences into Stories for Content Marketing

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Get tips and a worksheet for turning your experiences into stories for better content marketing in my latest Content Marketing Institute postLearn how to turn your experiences into stories for better content marketing using the worksheet found in my latest Content Marketing Institute guest post.

For over three years, I’ve been sharing productivity ideas, checklists, templates, tips, and worksheets to help you save time creating an efficient and  sustainable content marketing program.


My latest article and worksheet were inspired by The Pivot: Marketing Backstories series of weekly podcasts, part of the Content Marketing Institute Podcast Network produced by Pamela Muldoon, Podcast Network Director.

On each week’s The Pivot, host Todd Wheatland interviews a leading content marketer and–in less than 30 minutes–highlights the pivots–or changes in direction–that contributed to content marketing perspective and present success.

The problem with Pivots and turning points…

Often, turning points go by, unnoticed at the time. Their significance, and the lessons and stories are overlooked and soon forgotten.

Usually, you have to dig deep to uncover the important points in your career, or your firm’s history. And, you have to dig even deeper to appreciate the significance and lessons the turning points teach–so you can incorporate them into your content marketing stories.

Equally important, by examining the turning points in your career, you’ll be better able to recognize turning points as they approach, so you can be prepared to take full advantage of them.

3-step process for finding content ideas

As described in the article, harvesting content ideas and creating content marketing stories from significant past events involves:

  1. Identifying the Pivots, or turning points
  2. Analyzing their significance
  3. Sharing by extrapolating the key lessons from the events and turning them into relevant and helpful content

8 simple questions to ask

The downloadable Turning Point Worksheet contains space for you to answer 8 questions which will help you take a deeper look at the turning points in your career or your firm’s history. The article guides you as you address each question.

Share your experiences turning Pivots into content

Have you analyzed the Pivots in your career, or your firm’s history? Were you able to locate previously-unrecognized events and convert them into relevant and personal content marketing stories? Does this process sound like a way to create a more credible bio statement, About page,  or social media profile? Share your comments below, or as comments on my Content Marketing Institute Blog post.

Use the worksheet as a framework for analyzing the turning points in your career or your firm’s history. Print out several copies of the worksheet, and share them with your co-workers. Fill out a different worksheet for each turning point.

You’ll probably notice that Pivots tend to create additional  turning points, helping you identify story opportunities.

In addition to a downloadable worksheet, the article contains

  1. Use the worksheet to take notes during The Pivot podcasts. By being awso you can find the  is unOften, my article and worksheet is intended to help you examine the turning points of your career for story ideas that highlight your accomplishments and your approach to serving your clients, employers, and your prospects.

turning your experiences into stories for better content marketing

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