7 Habits for Content Marketing Success

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Boost your content marketing productivity by incorporating these 7 habits into your everyday routines. Are your content marketing habits working for you, or against you?

My 7 Habits of Content Marketing Success presentation on SlideShare offers you an opportunity to gain fresh perspective on your content marketing productivity.


I’ve learned a lot from the over 500 successfully published authors and content marketers I’ve interviewed during the past 10 years.

Although their rituals and tools may differ, I’ve found remarkable consistency to their habits– their underlying attitudes and values.

Your habits determine your  success

Successful content marketers and authors recognize that there are no “silver bullets” or instant solution to big projects–like writing a book or establishing an expert voice  in a crowded world.

Ultimately, success doesn’t come from mastering another software program, purchasing another book, or watching a video. Often, these describe tactics can pay off–but only under the right circumstances.

Productivity takes place when you’re alone

Content marketing productivity either happens, or doesn’t happen, every day. It happens when you’re alone–just you and your laptop or tablet.

Every day, you make numerous simple decisions. These decisions add up and, ultimately, play a huge role in your content marketing and writing success. Examples are all around us. Perhaps you:

  • Choose topics at the last minute, rather than creating an editorial calendar spelling out topics, deadlines, and responsibilities.
  • Wait until the last minute to start a difficult task, then wonder why it doesn’t turn out right.
  • Know “just enough” about your software to get by, instead of mastering its features and the shortcuts built into it.
  • Trust your instincts rather than analyzing your market personas and carefully tracking the results of your content marketing.
  • Try to do everything yourself, rather than nurturing an engaged and loyal team.

Habits aren’t something you buy

Habits, like sustainable friendships, marriages, and customer loyalty aren’t something you buy. They don’t come conveniently packaged. Often, there’s no instructions.

Habits come from commitment and cultivation. They develop over time, but they pay increasing dividends over time. They reward you in good times as well as bad times.

Share your comments and suggestions

Hopefully, my 7 Habits for Content Marketing Success will help you take a fresh look at your current habits and evaluate whether they’re contributing to, or undermining, your journey to content marketing success. Share your comments or suggestions below, on SlideShare, or on Twitter.

Roger C. Parker bring a lifetime of practical content marketing experience based on the unchanging principles of market education, targeting ideal clients, and maintaining constant visibility. I offer content marketing and writing assistance, critiques, and do-it-yourself checklists, templates, and worksheets. At a time of rapid technological change and the increasing specialization, I’m a seasoned generalist. I can help you address writing, design, and productivity challenges. I’ve written 40 books. I contribute to the Content Marketing Institute blog and share content dashboard ideas on Mindjet’s Conspire blog.

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