Scott Abel Tells Why Content Strategy Matters

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Listen as Scott Abel, Content Wrangler, describes the benefits that a content strategy offers authors and content marketersJust click the image to hear Scott Abel, co-author of The Language of Content Strategy, describe how a content strategy helps authors and content marketers.

In my recent interval with Content Wrangler Scott Abel, he described why a content strategy matters for authors and content marketersThis was one of my favorite 2014 interviews. Scott is an energetic speaker who is one of the pioneers helping firms boost the productivity of their in content management.

Scott Abel, is the founder of The Content Wrangler, an educational and consulting firm that helps firms manage their content–their most valuable business asset in an increasingly complex, fast-moving, and global environment.

More than just topics…

To many, a content strategy involves simply choosing themes and topics for their content marketing.

But, as Scott described, a content strategy involves much more; it involves writing and saving content in forms that make it easy to use the content in multiple projects, formats, and–often–multiple languages.

Learn more about Scott Abel and Rahel Anne Bailie's The Language of Content StrategyLessons The Language of Content Strategy teaches

As Scott described, The Language of Content Strategy, co-authored with Rahel Anne Bailie, contains 52 chapters that define 52 content marketing terms.

However, the 52 chapters were also intended to be used in multiple ways, i.e., as blog posts and a card deck for training purposes.

Normally, adapting copy for multiple projects of different length would require extensive editing, copying, and pasting. There would be multiple files saved in multiple locations.

However, the simultaneous production of 3 separate projects proceeded smoothly, paving the way for additional projects.

That’s just an example of the relevance of content strategy and its ability to enhance the productivity of authors and content marketers.

During our interview, Scott entertainingly described significant experiences in his background that contributed to his interest in content strategy and additional details about the project and his current activities.

Additional resources

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