Meet 2015′s Top 100 Content Marketers to Follow on Twitter

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Follow 2015's Top 100 Content Marketers on Twitter to keep up with their latest ideas and resourcesMeet 2015′s Top 100 Content Marketers to follow on Twitter by clicking the image to the left.

The Witty Parrot’s compilation of the Top 100 Content Marketer’s makes it easy to make keep up with the latest content ideas and avoid overlooking any of today’s top content marketing resources.

Typical content marketer profile from Witty Parrot 2015's curated list of Top 100 Content Marketers to Follow on Twitter SlideShare presentationThe concise format of each of the SlideShare presentation’s slides provides a 2-line overview of each content marketer’s background and qualifications, plus a link to their Twitter profile.

Influencer marketing

One of the most important benefits of the Witty Parrot’s curation of 2015′s Top Content Marketers to follow on Twitter is that it helps you save time creating a Twitter List of the top influencers.

Creating a Twitter List of the top influencers in your field is the first step towards building online relationships with them. This can pay big dividends in the years ahead.

Often, important content marketing tweets disappear because they quickly pass by and are lost in your daily feed. But, with them Top 100 content marketers organized in a single Twitter list, you can quickly review the contents and trends of their latest thinking.

Curating details

As the Witty Parrot described in their recent post, the criteria for selection was based on, but not limited to:

  • Presence on Twitter
  • Regularity of tweets
  • Twitter follower count
  • Popularity of written work; blog posts, books, eBooks etc

Witty Parrott list of Top 100 content marketers to follow on Twitter with their profile and Twitter linkFor those in a hurry, the Witty Parrot has also provided a scrolling alphabetical list with descriptions and Twitter links.

You can use the list to quickly verify whether or not you’re already following each individual. You can also use the links to quickly follow them.

Familiar face on Slide 83

Witty Parrot profile of Roger Parker on 2015's Top 100 Content Marketers to Follow on Twitter Slideshare PresentationI was pleased to be included on the list of 2015′s Top Content Marketers to Follow on Twitter on Slide 83.

My involvement with what is now known as content marketing began less than a year after I graduated from college, and continues today. The power of content never ceases to amaze me.

How a 7-Step Content Marketing Plan Earned an $87 Million Dollar Paycheck is just one of the the highly-successful content marketing experiences I draw upon serving businesses that range in size from Espresso Dave to Apple, Microsoft, and Yamaha.

How can I help you “tame the content beast?” by helping you organize your ideas and become a more efficient content marketer and writer? Contact me to¬† schedule an introductory call!

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