Holiday Gift Idea: Nina Amir’s Author Training Manual

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Nina Amir Author Training Manual Is an Ideal Holiday Gift Idea for the Writer In Your LifeNina Amir’s Author Training Manual is an ideal holiday gift book for the author or writer in your life who wants to write a book.

Nina Amir’s Author Training Manual joins Ann Handley’s Everybody Writes, which I recently reviewed, as one of the two most important writing books published during 2014.

Nina Amir’s Author Training Manual is  a practical, detailed guide for new authors  It offers advice, examples, and exercises to help you:

  • Develop Marketable Ideas
  • Craft Books that Sell
  • Become the Author Publisher’s Want
  • Self-Publish Effectively

About the Author Training Manual‘s contents

Visit to download a Mindjet MindManager mind map of Nina Amir's Author Training ManualAs you can see from the sample Mindjet mind map at right, that you can download for free or view online, The Author Training Manual is organized into three sections:

  • MANUAL. The first section addresses the importance of developing an appropriate “author attitude” and the need to realistically evaluate your book’s potential for success. The following chapters describe Nina’s 9-step writing plan for preparing a detailed book proposal—regardless of how you intend to publish your book.
  • SAMPLES. Next, there are examples of completed book proposals showing how other author’s addressed the topics in previously-described 9-step plan.
  • TRAINING EXERCISES. To help readers make the transition to authors, the final chapters offer hands-on ideas, exercises, and questions for readers to use as they address the 9 steps.

Practical, realistic writing advice

Like Ann Hadley’s Everybody Writes, Nina Amir’s Author Training Manual offers a realistic approach to writing. Neither over-promises by offering an unrealistic “silver bullet” approach.

Both stress the core values of creating a manageable, sustainable writing process. Neither Ann Hadley nor Nina Amir promises instant, effort-free gratification. Both obviously love the writing process and advocate quality and craftsmanship.

Whether you purchase them separately, or together, either offers an ideal holiday gift that can have a significant impact on the recipient’s and career.

About Nina Amir

The Author Training Manual reflects Nina Amir’s experiences as an author, book coach, speaker, and blogger. It’s enhanced by examples and quotes from Nina’s extensive personal network of authors, book coaches, and clients who have followed her program.

This is Nina Amir’s second book for Writer’s Digest. Her first was How to Blog a Book: How to Write, Publish, and Promote Your Book One Post at a Time.

About Nina Amir

You can learn more about Nina Amir at her blogs and websites, which include:, www.WriteNonfictionNow, and Her social media presence includes Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

If you’re familiar with either (or both) Ann Handley’s Everybody Writes or Nina Amir’s Author Training Manual, share your impressions and takeaways below!

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