Want to Write and Market a NY Times Bestselling Business Book?

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Learn how Jay Bear turned a presentation into a NY Times bestseller in this short, informative, and resource-filled SlideShareLearn how Jay Baer turned a presentation into Youtility: Why Smart Marketing Is About Help, Not Hype, a New York Times bestselling content marketing business book.

Jay Baer’s 25 Secrets: How I Wrote and Marketed a New York Times Bestselling Book presentation is one of the most genuine and revealing author stories I’ve  encountered in a long time.

It’s an ideal resource for any subject area expert interesting in becoming a highly-successful bestselling author, thought leader, and keynote speaker published by a major trade publisher.

I found more genuinely helpful ideas in this 48-slide free presentation than in many $20 and $25 books and ebooks I’ve purchased!

Remarkable detail

As you progress through the presentation, you’ll find out answers to questions like:

  • How much time did it take for Jay to write Youtility?
  • What were some of the writing shortcuts he used to save time?
  • What was it like working with with a large publisher?
  • How does book length affect book sales?
  • What steps did Jay take to market his book before its publication?

In describing Youtility’s journey to publication, Jay introduces you to many of the resources he used. These include transcription services, literary agents, graphic designers, and his writing software of choice. He also shares details like his daily and weekend writing goals.

Friends and family

One of the most fascinating aspects of 25 Secrets is the important role that friends, family, and fellow content marketers played at several points in Youtility’s development. I’m impressed by Jay’s willingness to acknowledge their specific accomplishments. It’s a small point, but a revealing one about his integrity as a marketer and writer.

Want to learn more?

Share your comments and impressions, whether you’ve read Youtility from cover to cover, of if your first exposure to Jay Baer and Youtility is through these two presentations.


  1. Jay Baer
    July 24, 2014

    Thanks so much. I am so glad you benefited from the e-book!

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