Design Tips for Branding Your Mind Maps

Posted July 11th @ 1:34 pm by Roger C. ParkerPrint

Tips for branding mind maps shared during Chuck Frey interview with Roger C. Parker for the Mind Mapping Software BlogClick the graphic if you’re been looking forĀ  ways to make your mind maps stand out from the competition.

Recently, Chuck Frey, the publisher of the influential Mind Mapping Software Blog, asked me to share some examples and ideas about using design to brand mind maps to differentiate them from the example.

Chuck asked several perceptive questions, which encouraged me to explain some of my recent design decisions and rethink the whole mind mapping branding process.

During the interview, I discussed the mind maps I create for my Dashboard Series on Mindjet’s Conspire Blog and my mind maps of the Top 10 Content Marketing Books on Biggerplate.

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