MindMapping Shortcuts for Writing a Book

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Mindmapping content dashboard shortcuts help authors save time planning and writing a bookMy latest Mindjet Content Dashboard post shows how to use Map Parts to save time planning and writing your books and content marketing.

Map Parts are reusable combinations of topics and subtopics designed for content dashboards.

Map Parts benefits

Map Parts save time by providing a structure for your book research and planning.

  • Consistency. Map Parts help ensure you include all necessary information when analyzing competing books and creating a table of contents.
  • Ease of use. It takes just seconds to add a create a map part and add it to the Map Parts task pane, accessible from the lower right of the MindManager screen. Once created, Map Parts can be easily added, by dragging and dropping, into the Content Dashboard map you’re currently working on.

Map Parts examples

Here are some of the ways you can use map parts with various Content Dashboard maps:

  • Book Competition Tracker. My Book Competition Tracker map provides a convenient and space-efficient way to track the key characteristics of competing books in an orderly way. It also provides an efficient way to keep track of competing authors with multiple titles.
  • Expert Tracker. My new Expert Tracker Map Part makes it easy to insert links to an expert’s social media, and makes it faster access their various social media postings without revisiting their website.
  • Chapter Contents. My new Chapter Contents Map Part, part of my Book Planner mind map, reminds you of the repeating text and graphic elements that you might include in each of the chapters of your book.

Learn more about Map Parts

Visit my latest post on Mindjet’s Conspire blog, Mindjet Dashboard Series: Saving Time with Map Parts, where you can see before and after examples of the Map Parts in use. Share your experiences using map parts, as well as questions and suggestions for future Content Dashboards and Map Parts as comments, below.

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