Tips for Choosing Simple, Effective Book and Ebook Titles

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Sometimes the most effective book and ebook titles are the simplest, as Edmund S. Lee's  Three recent ebooks showsSometimes the most effective book and ebook titles and subtitles are the simplest, as shown by these examples by Edmund S. Lee.

As Published & Profitable members know, book titles and subtitles are one of my favorite topics.

Characteristics of the best book titles

The best book titles perform two key functions for authors and their readers:

- Authors. The best titles create a structure that helps authors write their book as efficiently as possible.

- Readers. The best titles make complex projects appear easy, by breaking them up into a series of simple steps.

I’ve frequently written about author and reader-friendly, efficient titles in articles like Book Title Tips to Save Time Writing a Book and How to Choose the Right Title for Blogging a Book.

Master Social Media, 21-Days at a Time

Being a fan of title efficiency, I was very pleased to discover Edmund S. Lee’s trio of social media ebooks that–together–provide over two months of focused daily activity to establishing or enhancing your presence on the three leading social media:

Choosing Titles with a Future

Another lesson the above series of Amazon Kindle ebooks teaches is the importance of choosing a title that can be easily expanded into a series of follow-up books.

The hard part of writing a book is often choosing a title and an structure for organizing and presenting information.

As you can see from the parallelism of the above topics, once a a title and content formula has been identified, it becomes easier and easier to expand the series with additional books and ebooks.

More important, as each succeeding book increases the number of content nuggetts, or building blocks, books like Edmund’s Marketing Blueprint Series can create content for endless repurposed articles, blog posts, podcasts, presentations, tip sheets, videos, webinars, and white papers.

It pays to do things right…from the start!

Share your comments about choosing a simple structure for the titles of your books and ebooks, as comments, below. Is this a strategy that could work for you? And share your suggestions for the next topics that Edmund should address?

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