How to achieve content marketing balance and harmony

Posted December 16th @ 6:37 am by Roger C. ParkerPrint

Importance of a balanced 3-step approach to content marketing revealed in Content Harmony infographic and manifestoThe Content Harmony diagram at left shows the importance of a balanced approach to content marketing…and why you need infographics to tell your story.

Content harmony requires:

1.   Content Strategy and Analytics

2.  Content Creation

3.  Content Promotion

2 out of 3 is not enough!

Failing to address all 3 undermines your content marketing success. For example:

  • Audience Shortage. A strong content strategy and analytics combined with content creation, but lacking effective promotion,  means your messages will not be visible to all who could benefit from your information.
  • Content Shortage. Combining a strong content strategy and analytics with strong content promotion, but without consistent, high-quality content creation, also jeopardizes your content marketing. Unless you have access to a smooth content-creation process, or system, your messages will fall further and further behind your more efficient competitors.
  • Lack of Direction. Capable and efficient Content Creation and Content Promotion, but lacking a strong Content Strategy and Analytics, is also likely to result in failure. Like a steel ball in a pinball machine, your content is likely to ricochet from topic to topic, and deadline to deadline, without a clear focus for your messages.

Content Harmony and the art of the manifesto

I’m highlighting Content Harmony’s What is Content Harmony? because it highlights two of the most important criteria necessary for manifesto success:

  1. Conciseness. Too many manifestos are too long! They ramble on, page after page. They provide too much detail. What is Content Harmony?, however, contains fewer than 325 words. Yet, it provides helpful, relevant information about a topic of universal interest. More important, it positions Content Harmony apart from its competition and communicates a competent, professional image.
  2. Visual. Unlike many infographics, which are too large to be viewed without scrolling and zooming, the  Content Harmony Venn diagram is understandable at a glance. It graphically communicates an equation for success as well as an engaging framework for evaluating what’s not working in your content marketing.

How balanced is your content?

How effectively are you balancing the 3 keys to content harmony in your content marketing program? Are you focusing too many efforts on content creation, and not paying enough attention to content strategy or content promotion? Do you have a graphic that represents your process, one that visually sets your business apart from the competition? Finally, What kinds of changes does the Content Harmony manifesto suggest for you to explore during 2014? Share your comments, questions, and takeaways from the Content Harmony manifesto, below.


  1. Kane Jamison
    December 16, 2013

    Hey Roger,

    Thanks for sharing and I appreciate the kind words regarding the graphic and our ‘manifesto.’

    It came about as a result of discussions with clients and prospects. These were the 3 biggest areas of weakness, and most people seeking our help were only succeeding in 1 or 2 areas – but their success was limited by the missing piece.

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