Is Writing a Book Your Second Job?

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Graphic asking authors a fundamental time management question authors face, is writing a book your second job? Are you so committed to writing your book that you consider it a second job?

Or, do you feel that writing a book something you do after fulfilling the obligations of your other family and job obligations?

As I described in a recent article in Dan Schawbel’s Personal Branding Blog, Is Personal Brand Building Your Second Job?, all second jobs involve income trade-offs.

Income today versus income tomorrow

Second jobs offer additional income today, but they can prevent you from writing a book to build your brand for tomorrow, and the next day.

Writing a book, however, offers the promise of an infinitely greater payback, but not until tomorrow (or the next day)!

Writing as commitment to our personal brand

Whether or not you consider writing a book your second job brings up the issue of the seriousness of your commitment.

  • Commitment to others. Few of us who are concerned about our careers will accept a second job, and then fail to show up when we don’t feel like it or we’re tired.
  • Commitment to ourselves. BUT, this commitment to our employer often doesn’t seem to apply to our commitment to write a book to build our personal brand! We tend to avoid committing specific times to work on our books, living up to our commitments, and tracking our progress.

As a result, all to often, our personal brand-building books–books that could change our lives–often don’t get written, or are unnecessarily delayed.

In other words, we may be more committed to our part-time employer than we are to our own long-term self-interests in writing a book to build our personal brand!

Why is short-sighted thinking so common?

Why are some of the reasons many are more likely to show up for a part-time, no-future, retail or hospitality job thanĀ  demonstrating the same commitment to their own long-term future and personal brand by scheduled writing sessions? Do you have “regular hours” for planning, writing, promoting, and building future profits from your book? Share your comments and suggestions, below. And, email me if you’d like a copy of my Author Time Management Worksheet!

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