Rate the Mindfulness Of Your Personal Branding Efforts

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Mindjet Mindmap showing questions to ask when rating rate the mindfulness of your personal brandingClick the Mindjet mind map graphic to read the 7 questions you should ask when rating the mindfulness of your personal brand building efforts.

For many interested in building their personal brand, there’s an unfortunate gap between intention and performance.

In my recent blog post in Dan Schawbel’s Personal Branding Blog, I offered a framework for evaluating how mindful–or purposeful–your daily brand building actions. I described 7 questions to ask yourself when rating your daily brand building efforts.

Writing and brand building

There’s a proven link between writing and personal brand building.

Writing drives personal branding! Writing a book remains the best way for individuals to promote your expertise and differentiate their business from the competition. Authors of successful books are thought leaders who can command the highest coaching, consulting, and speaking fees.

After your book is published, writing creates the marketing social media momentum needed to attract and retain the attention of search engines, book buyers, and new business prospects. Fresh content also helps you retain and up sell your previous clients.

Shared success-building habits

Both writing success and personal branding success are based on the common habit of consistent, daily progress.

Just as books are best written a little at a time, in short, daily writing sessions, personal brands are best created in short steps and small actions that are repeated throughout every day.

By being mindful of your goals, and consistently taking daily action on your goals, you can achieve both the writing success and personal branding success. After reading my article, please share your comments and questions, below.

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