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Visit the Top 100 Social Media, Internet Marketing, and SEO blogs of 2013 in this Cision blog postClick the image to save time visiting the Top 100 Social Media, Internet Marketing, and SEO blogs of 2013.

Whether you’re new to social media, an experienced Internet marketer, or a SEO-savvy author, you’ll find links to thousands of  helpful and inspiring ideas and tips in Cision’s blog post.

It will save you hours of time trying to locate the best resources for building your brand, promoting your business, and selling more books.

Resources for blogging a book

Cision’s blog post is especially valuable if you’re considering blogging a book, or sharing your your ideas as you write them. Each year, more and more authors and entrepreneurs take advantage of this efficient way to write and publish a book.

For more information about blogging a book, check out Nina Amir’s book.

Personal Brand Building tips

I was particularly pleased to discover Dan Schawbel’s Personal Branding Blog was Number 29 in Cision’s list of the top 100 social media marketing blogs. I’ve been a frequent contributor in Dan’s Author’s Corner since 2008. View my latest blog post,  here.

Share you’re impressions

After you’ve checked out Cision’s list of the Top 100 Social Media, Internet Marketing, and SEO Blog of 2013, share your impressions, as comments. How many had you already visited? How many will you visit again? Are there any that you’ll definitely be following in the future?

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