Common Sense Guide to Pricing Your Services

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At last, a common sense guide to pricing your services, Fresh Book's free Breaking the Time Barrier download Breaking the Time Barrier offers authors, coaches, consultants, and other self-employed professionals a common sense guide to pricing your services.

It describes the benefits of value-based pricing and market positioning in a clear, concise, and memorable story format.

Breaking the Time Barrier is a must-read for anyone  concerned about pricing their services.

I don’t think I’ve ever met any who couldn’t benefit from it!

Ebook marketing at its best

While delivering on its promise, Mike McDerment and Donald Cowper’s ebook also offers a first class example of ebook and online marketing at its very best. Here are some of the best practices that caught my eye:

  • Title and subtitle. The title and subtitle make an obvious promise that needs no translation. The benefit speaks for itself.
  • The inside page design of Mike McDermott's Breaking the Time Barrier from FreshBooks reflects the clarity of the writingCover design. The high impact cover is bold and simple, allowing the book to stand out on a crowded screen. The blue is strong enough to be noticed, yet is friendly and free from the drama of the reds, blacks, and whites often found on business books.
  • Interior design. The simplicity and readability of the inside pages reflects the simplicity and readability of the front cover. Plenty of white space and generous line spacing promises an easy reading experience.
  • Storytelling. Although the topic is a serious one, requiring services providers to  rethink their pricing strategy, Breaking the Time Barrier is a pleasant, fast read. This is due to the author’s polished storytelling style and tight editing.
  • Credibility. Breaking the Time Barrier does a great job of promoting FreshBook’s Cloud Computing by keeping the company and its accounting software in the background. There’s a tasteful, 2-page Introduction and, the end,  an invitation at the end to share the book with others (or pay what you think it’s worth). But, there’s no overt or covert attempt to promote FreshBooks, other than mentioning its 5 million users.

Breaking the Time Barrier is content to arouse your curiosity, leaving the next step up to you.

FreshBook invites you to download their free Breaking the Time Barrier with one click, no information required Landing page and

FreshBook’s landing page, where you can download Breaking the Time Barrier, also reflects several other ebook marketing best practices:

  • Free means free. You can download FreshBook’s 70-page Breaking the Time Barrier ebook without submitting any information. This says a lot about the company, and reminds me of the lessons taught by Bud Bilanich, Seth Godin and David Meerman Scott.
  • Testimonials. The quality of the testimonials, from expert names like Tim Ferris, Michael Gerber, Tina Roth-Eisenberg, and Daniel Pink, speaks for itself.


If you’re already downloaded Breaking the Time Barrier, or after you’ve downloaded it, share your comments, impressions, and questions below, as comments. I’d love to hear your reactions!

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