26 Rules for Visual Marketing Success

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Stephanie Diamond's Visual Marketing Revolution offers 26 rules to help you market your book and your business on social mediaStephanie Diamond’s Visual Marketing Revolution shares 26 Rules to help you visually promote your book and your business in today’s content marketing and social media world.

If you’re a Published & Profitable member, you’re probably familiar with Stephanie Diamond.

I’ve interviewed her several times for Jay Conrad Levinson’s Guerrilla Marketing Association and Published & Profitable.

Stephanie’s a rare combination of author, designer, and marketer. Usually, you only get excellence in writing, design, or marketing. Rarely do you get 2 out of 3. Stephanie offers all 3!

Informed, organized, and readable

The result is an eminently readable book that takes the mystery out of visual marketing. It describes in words and examples how to use visual marketing in your ongoing email, content marketing, and social marketing.

Stephanie Diamond’s The Visual Marketing Revolution overcomes the limitations of similar books in 2 important ways ways:

  • More comprehensive. Often, visual marketing is usually thought of either in terms of using mind mapping programs like Mindjet as a brainstorming and project management to plan and track your marketing or in terms of creating infographics that communicate a lot of information at a glance.  The Visual Marketing Revolution, however, shows that there’s far more to visual marketing than just mind maps or infographics. For example, it describes how you can use visual marketing for the 8 most popular social media.
  • Mindjet Mind map showing contents of Stephanie Diamond's The Visual Marketing Revolution Better organized. In the wrong hands, topics like visual thinking and visual marketing can quickly get complicated. Stephanie avoids unwanted complexity by organizing her book around 26 rules divided into four categories.

The 26 Rules proceed from the general to the specific, building a foundation by sharing visual marketing best practices and examples, then describes how to put it to work.

Chapter organization

The book’s organizing structure proceeds even further. Most chapter follow a consistent content plan:

  • What You Need to Know
  • A Visual Marketing Method
  • Ideas to Use
  • Idea Map (a type of mind map)
  • Endnotes

Having the notes associated with each chapter appear within each chapter is a great convenience, so you don’t have to page ahead to the end of the book to locate additional ideas or resources.

Who should read The Visual Marketing Revolution?

The Visual Marketing Revolution is ideal for 3 types of readers:

  1. Self-employed professionals. If you’re an author, coach, consultant, entrepreneur, or marketing manager of a small firm, you’ll gain a fresh perspective on your visual marketing. In particular, you’ll be better able to use the best practices and tools of visual marketing for social media.
  2. Authors and copywriters. Authors will learn how to develop messages that can enhance the messages in your books. Copywriters will benefit by being able to suggest ways for your co-workers and design partners to  execute for clients.
  3. Graphic designers. If you’re a graphic designer, the numerous inspiring examples and tools will make you better equipped to serve your current clients and better able to promote your own business using social media.

When you visit The Visual Marketing Revolution on Amazon.com, click the LOOK INSIDE! icon next to the book cover so you can explore the 26 Rules and the quality of Stephanie’s advice and examples. Share your impressions below, as comments. And, let me know if you’d like me to invite Stephanie Diamond to be a guest on a future Published & Profitable book coaching call!

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