17 Templates & Checklists to Speed Your Content Marketing

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17 essential downloadable templates & worksheets to speed your content marketing from the Content Marketing InstituteClick the image to visit a Content Marketing Institute Blog post containing 17 articles, templates, and checklists to help you save time and simplify your content marketing.

Included are the original templates from the Content Marketing Institute’s popular 10 Must Have Templates for Content Marketers blog post 2 years ago, plus 7 new templates and checklists…including 3 of mine!

A fresh perspective for all

No matter what your role is in content marketing–entrepreneur, manager, agency staffer, or freelance vendor–you’ll find these templates and checklists can save you time and simplify your content marketing tasks.

4 types of content templates and checklists

The templates address the four major categories of content marketing:

  1. Buyer-focused resources, like buyer personas and worksheets to map your message to your prospect’s buying cycle
  2. Content and process organization, including content request templates, workflow checklists, and editorial calendars
  3. Creativity and design tools, like the Killer Web content template,  my readability checklist, my title evaluation scorecard, and the keyword selection checklist.
  4. Publication and Promotion resources, such as the content publication checklist, the blog post promotion checklist, a localization checklist, and my content marketing success checklist.

All of the templates and worksheets can be customized to your specific content marketing requirements and resources.

17 Essential Content Templates and Worksheets was written by Michele Linn. Be sure to visit her profile page for additional articles. Michele invites you to tell her about any additional templates and checklists you have personally used in your content marketing efforts; please tell her about them in the comments that follow her article. Michele also invites your suggestions for other templates you’ like to see.

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