Are You Using Mindjet for Creating Graphics for Social Media?

Posted May 9th @ 6:34 am by Roger C. ParkerPrint

Using a mind map created with Mindjet to create graphics for social media marketing Mindjet mind maps make it easy to create personally branded graphics for your social media marketing.

Mind maps created with Mindjet are capable of far more than planning books,  content marketing editorial calendars, and tracking ideas.

For example, I created the mind map, at left, to accompany yesterday’s Personal Branding Blog post, Using Six Hat Thinking to Build Your Personal Brand.

Using Mindjet, I created the graphic in less than 15 minutes, less time than it often takes to locate and download a stock image!

Benefits of branded social media graphics

There are numerous advantages to creating article and blog graphics with Mindjet, instead of downloading generic stock art.

  • Relevance. Although generic free, or low-cost, stock art is great for adding visual interest to a blog post, that’s often as far as it goes! The resulting graphics do nothing to reinforce the key ideas you want visitors to remember from reading your content. Taking the time to create a custom graphic, on the other hand, previews your message and helps readers remember it.
  • Example of a Mindjet mind map created personal brand building social media graphic Style, or brand. In addition to enhancing your message, custom mind maps maps help you establish a personalized graphics style reinforces your personal brand. At right is an example of the mind map style I use to illustrate many of my Personal Branding Blog posts, including my “blog diet” post.¬† Having a “signature” style for your guest posts is especially important if you are contributing to blog which contains posts by numerous contributors.
  • Planning your post. Mindjet mind maps offer a “bonus benefit” in addition to visually setting your blog posts apart. The time you spend creating the graphic is offset by the time you save writing your blog posts. I’m at the point now where the first thing I do when I start to prepare a blog post is to create a mind map of the ideas I want to share, and the order I want to describe them.

Once you become comfortable creating mind maps, you’ll find that you can use Mindjet for other marketing and social media opportunities, including SlideShare presentations¬† and Screenr narrated videos.

How do you use mind maps for your social media marketing?

I’d like to know more if you’re using mind maps created with Mindjet, or other mind mapping programs, as a social media marketing tool? Are you using mind maps for planning blog posts, creating editorial calendars, and tracking ideas…or do you also include mind maps in your blog posts? Share some examples, below, as comments. You’re also invited to share your concerns or questions about the steps involved in creating social media graphics with mind mapping software.


  1. Chuck Frey
    May 9, 2013

    Roger, this is a great suggestion. Mind maps are a terrific, sharable piece of content and can really add a lot of visual appeal to blog posts. I recently outlined 5 ways to use them with blog posts on the Content Marketing Institute website:

  2. Peter
    May 10, 2013

    I use mind mapping software quite a lot and have also used the 6 thinking hats techniques when facilitating brainstorming sessions with project teams. Highly effective way to gathering different perspectives on the one topic. Personally i use but pen and paper has also worked for me.

    I use the software also for creating articles as I feel this helps me visualize and add structure to the article.

  3. Andrew Wilcox
    May 10, 2013

    Well highlighted Roger. It’s a very versatile tool. Sometime ago I created a background for my Twitter account which I recently revisited and realised it was a bit out of date.
    I may have removed references to MindManager 8 by the time you visit!

    Using floating topics can give you more versatility and in combination with the Network Builder add in to get control over positioning can be very useful.

    Matching line, text fill colours can help objects you need for the structure but not the message.

    Don’t forget the alternative topic shapes in Library. You can even create your own. If you can get hold of them there some funky shapes in the MindManager X5 and earlier versions.

    I also use Mindjet for making signs for events.

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