140 Bite-Sized Ideas for Compelling Content Marketing

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#Content MarketiContent Marketing Tweet offers 140 bite-sized ideas for creating and marketing compelling contentng Tweet offers 140 bite-sized ideas to help you create and market compelling content to promote your book, brand, or business!

#Content Marketing Tweet is the perfect introduction to content marketing for busy authors, small business owners, or self-employed professionals looking for concise, actionable advice that can be read at traffic lights, between meetings, or while traveling.

You’ll be amazed at how much information can be shared in 140 characters, or less!

You’ll gain fresh perspectives on creating and promoting your marketing content without feeling like you’re back in college, studying for mid-terms.

Universal content marketing perspectives

Instead of focusing on specific content marketing media and techniques, like blogs versus webcasts and YouTube videos, #Content Marketing Tweet focuses your attention on more important, fundamental issues.

It will help you develop answers to questions like:

  • What can content marketing do for my business?
  • How do I reach prospects and customers by providing valuable content?
  • How does content marketing fit in with my overall marketing strategy?
  • How does marketing change with social media?

The author, Ambal Balakrishnan, is a technologist turned marketer with business development and marketing strategy experience in premium and fast-growing product divisions at Cisco and Telecordia. She blogs extensively at Connect the Docs, for ClickDocuments/ClickIdeas, and tweets at @Ambal and@ClickDocuments.

Actionable, concise writing

Like all books in the popular THINKaha series, (which includes my #Book Title Tweet), each idea has economically written to share both an idea and a perspective in less than 140 characters.

Among my favorites in #Content Marketing Tweet are these examples:

37. If you are not measuring the effectiveness of your content marketing, you may just be engaged in “activity without productivity.”

62. A great content creator will not only entice a reader to begin reading but also encourage the reader to finish by acting.

139. Trust is the very foundation of a good long-term customer relationship. Is your content helping you build that trust?

Bonus content

In addition to the 140 bite-sized ideas, includes several valuable enhancements, such as brief essays at the beginning of each section. These provide a context for the ideas that follow.

There are also two additional sections:

  • Section VI. Content Marketing Commandments. These provide a quick review of the philosophy reflected in the 140 ideas.
  • Section VII. Use Content to Reach Your Target Audience. This essay-like section addresses topics like defining the Content Era, questions to ask yourself about your goals and objectives, picking the right content type, and the 5 C’s of content marketing.


The value of the information in #Content Marketing Tweet is attested by the testimonials it has received from content marketing and social media experts like Joe Pulizzi, from the Content Marketing Institute, Michael Stelzner from the Social Media Examiner, and New Barrett, author of Get Content, Get Clients.

I consider it an excellent value for both newcomers as well as experienced content marketers looking for a review of the essentials needed for success.

To learn more

To learn more about #Content Marketing Tweet, you’re invited to download an excerpt. The book is available in paperback, PDF, and Kindle versions. Share your impressions and takeaways below, as comments.

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